Literature, Leg Warmers & Lactate

The sound of a TV fitness broadcast is within earshot as I commence this literary offering. Sitting on my posterior in my dining area, I grow evermore uncomfortable as I listen to a doctor relaying the health risks of physical inactivity. This discomfort a consequence of knowing all too well I currently neglect that particular element of self care.

Writing provides an excellent mental workout, however it bestows little, if any, physical fitness benefits. No doubt the dexterity of my fingers will be boosted by typing a minimum of 500 words a day for my website – Nevertheless, I don’t envisage gaining any aerobic benefit from my beloved literary odyssey.

I suppose writing the word ‘beloved’ above was probably over-egging the level of joy I acquire from literary self-indulgence. Nevertheless, I receive a great deal from a mental perspective when creating these narratives.

In addition to many kind words of support, some have expressed concerns at to my mental health on reading some of the more random epiphanies contained in the monologues. I welcome all feedback, but am no longer overly concerned if individuals think I’m a bit ‘tapped’.

There is a difference in the way my mind works compared to the majority; something that I used to hate but now embrace with open arms. I think it a gift my brain has the wherewithal to depart on random journeys, returning seconds later having unearthed a creatively good epiphany.

There are times on this sojourn it gets de-railed, but that is an unavoidable flipside of possessing a creative mind; a double edged sword that won’t allow exclusive retrieval of light. No, if you want a place on this journey you’ve also got to accept the darkness. Afflictions of re-occurring despair that must be endured if you want that flip-side of elation from the good ideas.

From my own experience, I advocate a survival technique whereby during those very dark occasions the sufferer focuses on the good stuff ahead at the next stop, and more importantly remember to get off at the station.

My understanding is that, unlike when partaking physical exercise, lactic acid isn’t produced by the brain’s activity while writing. The lactate produced during a workout, though, does benefit the brain by providing essential fuel for neurons.

Which means, if I’ve got this right, exercise before writing would not only improve my physical fitness, but my brain would also be in better shape to assist in the writing process.

Incidentally, don’t raise your hopes of my blog quality improving as a consequence of increased lactate roaming my neurological corridors. I’ve no intention of running the few miles to Garforth and back before embarking on my daily literary escape.

leg warmers

I have the mental wherewithal to realise I need to become more physically active, but the discipline I possess which allows me to pen a regular narrative doesn’t manifest itself as readily for an exercise regime.

Call me irresponsible, call me unreliable and throw in undependable to. Do my foolish alibis bore you? Well, I’m not too clever, I just adore you. So call me unpredictable, tell me I’m impractical. Rainbow’s I’m inclined to pursue……. Alright Gary, enough already with the lyrics from a Michael Buble song!!

I, of course, know that a physical workout is a key element towards maintaining your wellbeing. It’s certainly of more use to sustaining health than stealing the first few verses of late US lyrist Sammy Cahn’s standard ‘Call Me Irresponsible’.

Last year a personal trainer devised a bespoke daily fitness plan for me. It was designed for a man of my vintage, who’d not done regular fitness activity for a few years. Unfortunately, I commenced it in September 2017 around the final weeks of my father’s life in hospital/hospice, meaning my focus was on far more pressing matters. As a result I didn’t do justice to the workout devised for me.

Although, not over-weight and possessing an acceptable Body Mass Index (BMI) score, I need to start following this plan again. The consequence of not addressing my current inadequate fitness regime increases the risk of me being afflicted by heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and never seeing my feet in the short term future….. Or maybe even longer term.

So, put down the laptop, Gary! ……… Get the lycra and leg warmers on and move that ass!…… Oh, I see you’re already wearing them.

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