Black Skies Are The New Blue

Name your ransom; what dowry for chief’s homecoming?

Brood at sea, despite occupying terra firma

Clan cut adrift, despite occupying terra firma

Old Blue Eyes lament awaits chief

Frankie’s throat cleared; though won’t sing ‘The Good Life’

Wine rack bereft of buddy merlot

For Pontefract cakes, blue is new black

For the brood, skies black are new blue.


Melancholy prevails in WF3

Cricket loving role model’s plight dispirits the lost

Vintage decrees octogenarian’s rancid affliction accepted

Though acceptance of torturous suffering not

A true gentleman; a true gentle man

Stricken, but after good innings

Fate though not at hands of 3rd umpire

Snicko or Hawkeye helpless for chief’s circumstances.


What reward secures chief’s return?

Castle Strachan denuded of king, disorientated

Strawb punnet seeks fridge liberty

Lovingly tended flora & fauna miss keeper

A score and ten year association on hold

Rhinos final awaits old man’s witness

Canker release thine grip on family head.

black skies

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