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In The Pink

Sitting in a South Leeds shopping centre café, the inaugural paragraphs of this monologue are being written during a thirty minutes period I’ve to kill while waiting to start a stint of voluntary work for a national cancer charity. My medio iced Americano staring back at me, I panoramically scour the tables of this multinational franchise cafeteria. My goal that of spotting a fellow customer who inspires today’s prose with […]

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Marie Curious?

Thursday morning witnessed an early start for yours truly – Commencing when my phone alarm proffered a dream shattering cacophony, causing me to franctically search for the device’s snooze button. Initially, with hand flaling floorward, it was actually my jeans I pressed in my disorientated state of reveille. Unsurprisingly, that didn’t negate the alarm’s din so, with eyes still shut, I further fumbled around on the carpet until I found […]

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Calm Before The Storm

This afternoon I had my inaugural visit to a hospice, when I dropping in on a close family member. Obviously, like anyone of sound mind, these end of life care facilities aren’t residences I’ve ever had the remotest desire to visit; either as a patient or visitor. It is taken as read that these establishments will exude calm for it’s stricken patients and desolate families. After all these domains are ordinarily a metaphorical departure lounge for love ones. Calming environments that bequeath […]

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Black Skies Are The New Blue

Name your ransom; what dowry for chief’s homecoming? Brood at sea, despite occupying terra firma Clan cut adrift, despite occupying terra firma Old Blue Eyes lament awaits chief Frankie’s throat cleared; though won’t sing ‘The Good Life’ Wine rack bereft of buddy merlot For Pontefract cakes, blue is new black For the brood, skies black are new blue.   Melancholy prevails in WF3 Cricket loving role model’s plight dispirits the […]

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Paid In Buttons

Karen has endured another week of hospital visits. She had her consultation with her oncologist on Monday, undertakes her four weekly treatment today and undergoes a physio session tomorrow. Sat in the waiting room, my fatigue levels are heightened following another inadequate nights sleep. I’d woken early from a dream and couldn’t get back to slumber prior to being exiled from my pit. Although the dream was weird, it was […]

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