November Blogs – 2019

Night Shift Nonsense



Harsh Lessons

Jack Strachan’s Chippy

A Quatermass Query

Eric Brought The Sunshine

Diary Intolerant

I Should Coco

Beside The Seaside, Beside The Sea

A Rose For The Garden of England

Untuned Catarrh


We’ve Got High Hopes


Life In An Episode of ‘Sorry!’

Where There’s No Smoke, There’s No Fire

Any Old Iron

Baltic In The Baltic

A Dixie Christmas

Harry Potter & The Bacon Butty With Mayo


Face Value

Carrying The Reminders…..

Return of the Strach

Eleven Kings

White Rose Reflections

The Royal We

Learning A Wonderful Lesson

Not An Exact Science

This Is Me

King James of Kogarah