Delusions of Grandma

In Hamlet not a village without church

Will wrote of villains who smile and smile

Termagant’s daughter does odious role model proud

Thirty years torture of yeti despite consideration worthy

Harridan proud of misguided advice

Quartet of vain glorious delusional shout “Fore”


Termagant’s union of faeces, fuels anti-man spite

Tarring all geezers wi’ idiotic panoramic brush

Brush better used for removal of prevailing excrement

Retarded pairs oxygen theft not registered on sojourn imbecile

Smiles not suppressed for yeti’s celibacy enforced

Appreciation not sought expedient


Martinet’s offspring concentrating on sin not asinine

No-one matters but highly-strung quartet

Undeserved fatuousness matters not to ET doppelganger

Uneducated insensate blark talks at, not with

Seeks mentoring of grandchildren, more capable

Legacy worthless negativity, deluded importance.

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