Hello Stranger!

This morning I opened the bedroom curtains to be greeted by a little seen spherical object overhead. Mustard of colour, it bequeathed a comforting warmth to my unshaven face and equally hirsute chest.

Through tired eyes, I assumed either the sun had made a welcome return, or Laa Laa had been filled with helium again by his mischievous Teletubby friends. After managing to fully focus visually and gain some semblance of spatial awareness , I concluded it was the former. After all, Laa Laa hasn’t the capacity to generate great heat, helium filled or not.

It was good to see my fickle friend again. Despite several invitations, the sun often appears reticent to venture to West Yorkshire for a few days. Instead, it offers lame excuses for his no show; deceptions such as he and the wife can’t travel as they have no one to look after the cat, or British Gas are coming to service the boiler.

After I’d opened of the curtains, he greeted me with “Hi Gaz, sorry it’s took so long to get here…… Oh, and can you put some clothes on for flip’s sake!”

Following a shower and donning my usual Sunday attire (turquoise Speedos and a crimson duffle coat) the sun and I partook in a much needed catch up over breakfast. I was the only one eating, as his appetite had been fulfilled by a bacon sandwich at Woodall Services on his way north.

It was heart warming, not to mention body warming, to see my rotund yellow faced chum. He was in high spirits as his wife, kids and he are due to travel for a Greek vacation in a weeks time. Apparently, they’d found a great deal online where they’d secured a free upgrade from half board accommodation to ‘all-inclusive’.

While he’s away, his work colleagues Breezy and Chuffing Raining Again will take up the mantle of meteorological provision in the UK. Ordinarily unwelcome guests, I have assurances they will be on their best behaviour, with only moderate wind and occasional light precipitation on their watch.

I’m penning this narrative sitting at the patio table outside. I’m currently not in the sun’s presence, due to the spiteful concealment of gathering cumulus clouds. At least I’m assuming that is the reason for the disappearance of the solar rays, and that the sun hasn’t just left for Greece a week early.

About two foot from me, there are a bunch of bees collecting nectar from two potted lavender bushes. Mine are English lavender shrubs which apparently are more easily accessible for bees than it’s French cousin…….. I’m sure there’s a gag in there somewhere about thicker French bushes being harder to access, but I’m not gonna go there!

I feel tired out this morning. Perhaps it’s the family’s emotionally draining week, where my dad underwent lengthy surgery, taking its toil. According to his surgeon, the tumour he had removed was the size of a Teletubby filled with helium.

Despite his body undergoing major surgery, my old man has battled well throughout his daunting experience. His recovery will be long, but at least it appears the odious growth that gave him so much discomfort, along with diminishing his mobility, he been detached from the area it claimed squatters rights last July.

I’ll bring this blog to a conclusion now as the sun is back, accompanied by a large purple spherical object…… It appears Tinky Winky has been today’s Teletubby recipient of the helium!

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