The Entitled Species

Self-entitled society; inconvenience them not

Their rights akin to ones they’d deny others

Selfish; nauseating trait of the misguided

Shellfish; nauseating comestible if mis-cooked.


Selfie society, crave contemporary pictorial autograph

Assassins smile for camera with their endangered trophy

A memory snapshot for grandkids to admire hence

Grandpa’s wildlife slaughter his unspeakable legacy to progenitors.


Circle of life decrees unavoidable prey demise

Circle of life decrees not trophy slaughter abhorrent

Circle of life a ballad by Sir Elton

Circle of life sadly countenances not retribution by the wild.


What causeth prose of despair from author

Ordinarily wildlife lobbying an unusual bedfellow

Veins run with fury, at sickening journal just witnessed

Young dolphin’s demise at sapien’s putrid hands.


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