Gary Strachan – "Write" Said Fred

Daily Journals From Deep Within A Capricious Mind

Who’s Keeping Score?

Existential canvas; footprint experiential

Caricature ponders own mortality

What legacy sought on mattress moribund?

Indelible stamp on life’s letter his goal?


Goal evocations selfless, heritage humanity

No ‘I’ in benevolent

No benevolence in misguided

No place like home according to girl in red shoes

red shoes

Karma didn’t get the email

Devils and thieves do prosper

Actions unaccountable; selfishness satisfied

Does anyone keep score anymore?


Dwindling advocates of manners maketh man

Ignorance a virtue to the misguided

The unworthy in receipt of kudos undeserved

Reap what you sow, untruth controlling proletariat.


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