The Coco Chronicles

A collection links to prose relaying my observations while in the company of my little lab/retriever cross Coco:-

Walk On The Mild Side

Toksvig Not Toxic

Put The Telly On, Gazza

It’s No Coco Chanel

The Conspiratorial Canine

See Ya’ Later, Alligator

Return of the Mag



I Never Give You My Pillow

Knee Problems

Synchronised Snoring

A Reservoir Ramble


Spectrum of Emotions

On A Roll

Job Vacancy

Diary Intolerant

I Should Coco

Beside The Seaside, Beside The Sea

Learning A Wonderful Lesson

“Appen, Veterinary.”

A Sherry & Mince Pie, Please!


Mysophobic Meanderings

Cokes – She’s The Real Thing

Doing Business

Cokes Adds Life

Match Of The Day

Coco Bites Your Legs!


Light During Darkness


Is It A Dog Or Dyson?

Dog Sitting


Wake Me Up When Dinner’s Ready

Talking The Talk

Spring is Sprung