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Flotsam & Jetsam

Flotsam and jetsam,

Debris influx, terra firma destination final

Curlicue waves thine volition

Calm post-storm wreckage; redemption from waves unruly

Remnants in sanctuary, steadfast in surviving brow-beating.


Flotsam and jetsam,

In esse despite torrid odyssey

Plaudits deserved, unforgiving swell surfed

Metaphor for weathering life’s fervid waves

Perseverance essential; or no aftermath to sample.


Flotsam and jetsam,

What will norn man’s debris include at conclusion?

Venture horribilis to render his destination in situ sedimentary?

Or re-invigorated endurance aftermath consequential reward?

Is it too much to expect that norn man appropriates existential augmentation?

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Gary Strachan

2 kids who've flown the nest, 1 wife whose flown with Jet2. Born at a young age in 1960's Leeds, the author became interested in the literary life when his wife bought him a dog. Having an allergy to dogs, he swapped it for a typewriter. Being unable to train the typewriter to retrieve tennis balls, he reluctantly turned to writing...... Website -

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