An updated version of a tale of banter during the formalities.

Gary Strachan - "Write" Said Fred

england 1990 1

It was a warm Bedfordshire night on 4th July 1990. My first born child had just turned a month old and was being fed upstairs by my diminutive Mrs. I wasn’t convinced pizza was suitable for a one month old, but he’s got to the age of 25, so I’ll begrudgingly give kudos to my wife’s parenting skills……. That’s a joke by the way so don’t try that at home!

I recall at the time sitting with a stubby (25cl) bottle of Tescos branded French lager in my living room…… There was other stuff in the room as well, including pizza, chairs and ornaments but that’s all the scene setting I’m doing!

It was early evening and, perched in an armchair, I apprehensively  awaited the, soon to start, football World Cup semi-final match between England and West Germany.

As I sat in our two bedroom semi on the Luton/Dunstable borders…

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