Gary Strachan – "Write" Said Fred

Daily Journals From Deep Within A Capricious Mind

The Corona Chronicles


I’m Feeling Better!!

Where The Sun Don’t Shine!

Don’t Panic!!…. Don’t Panic!!

Scary, No Go & Midge!

There Is Superstition

Just Sing!

Doomed I Tell Ye!!

You’ve Gotta Laugh….. Erm, Hopefully!!

I’ve Bean And Done It

Hide & Seek With The Pathogen

There’s Wally!



Legacy Of The Stubborn


Piers Pressure

Concentrating The Mind




Now Where’s That Suggestion Box?!

Make Thee Mightier Yet

Raising The Nation’s Spirits

COVID Ni-ni-ni 19

To Do Or Not To Do?.. That Is The Question!

Better In Than Out!

You Don’t Know You’re Born!

Would I Lie To You?!

Tenth Day Practising Hermitry

Don’t Grumble, Just Whistle…

COVID-19 Dictionary Additions

Vale of Tears

Happy Horseplay Day

Life In A Northern Town

11 Pence, 11 Bloody Pence!!

Pause For Applause

Your Mother Should Know!!

Womb Or Tomb?

Elf Isolating

Decor Differences

Cold Gravy

The One With The Yeti

Ears, Eyes and Suburban Skies

That’s Telling Him!

Idyll Interrupted