Fallen from crest, carer careers

Heads for terra firma recalcitrantly

Clutched from catastrophe thy fate?

Or destiny distressing, firma terra destination?

Tune in next week

Same bat time, same bat channel

Yeti appears courtesy o’ Harry’s Chip Restaurant


Plummeting pugnaciously, redemption implausible

Saviour sought from plunge ruination

Outlets clandestine, strain draining of soul

Doth karma not dictate lustrous hereafter?

Recompense for recent fortunes rancid

Yeti then recalls karma non-existent

Crystal chalice semi vacant he opines at epiphany.


Capricious yeti’s plunges are frequent

Though blessedly thus far ne’er reached floor

Redeemer a chalice with halfway replenishment

Fill-up his fillip, required in haste

Where out thou flagon, hirsute man’s emancipator

Thine procrastination troubles soul, gravity leading on points

What do you mean “Dial 1 – for redemption, 2 – for counselling, 3 – for more options”?

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