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What’s It Like?

Occasionally I’m asked about what it’s like aboard the emotionally fraught rollercoaster ride which manifests from my spouses incurable cancer diagnosis. My inquisitors, individuals who’ve not previous shared this venture along a metaphorical cobbled path while in possession of nitroglycerin. People seeking to understand what’s it’s like existing with a clan member who in their own words are a “Ticking time bomb.” A device patiently awaiting the opportunity to move […]

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With the sad news of Karen’s mum’s critical medical condition, plans for the foreseeable future in casa Strachan are understandably in limbo. My wife still in the north east maintaining her bedside vigil, along with providing support for her distraught father. I’m in regular contact with my little missus by phone and text, where she speaks of the current situation being emotionally and physically draining. Her good ‘buddy’ karma magnanimously […]

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A Dark Anniversary

This week sees the eighth anniversary of a life changing event that shook my family to it’s core. A time my brood and I were ushered, or more accurately dragged kicking and screaming, onto an unwanted emotional rollercoaster sojourn. A ride with no height restrictions, or indeed any other discriminatory parameters, allowing for non-participation. My wife’s incurable cancer diagnosis blindsiding me to such an extent I felt as though I’d […]

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Fallen from crest, carer careers Heads for terra firma recalcitrantly Clutched from catastrophe thy fate? Or destiny distressing, firma terra destination? Tune in next week Same bat time, same bat channel Yeti appears courtesy o’ Harry’s Chip Restaurant   Plummeting pugnaciously, redemption implausible Saviour sought from plunge ruination Outlets clandestine, strain draining of soul Doth karma not dictate lustrous hereafter? Recompense for recent fortunes rancid Yeti then recalls karma non-existent Crystal […]

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Return To The Waiting Room

As I commence this yarn, I’m sitting in the bowels of the Clarendon Wing, at the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI). Perched beside me are two family members; dynasty heads, positive of demeanour and caring of character. One is reading an article on cholesterol, during a rare venture from the sports pages of the newspaper, the Daily Propaganda. The other his spouse, ill-at-ease with having to observe a not often undertaken semblance of silence, […]

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