Parody Gig/Show Reviews

The Last Ship

On fd Arena Stage Wit ‘at

The Far From Dry Levee

Floats Like A Butterfly, Sings Like Kiri

Awesome After Great

Definitely Not Dead Yet!

No Message Taken

Just Ask Andy Dawson’s Barber!

Don’t Drive Back in Anger

In My Blue World

Scott and the Scot

Selsey Bill or Bracklesham Bay, Love?

She Made It Through The Rain

Two Songs Don’t Make A Wright!

All The World’s A Stage

Where The Riches of Ages Are Stowed

You Win Again

Lazying On A Slightly Overcast Afternoon

Now That’s Magic!

Carry On D’Campo

A Legen In His Own Lunchtime

What’s A Delaware Boy?

The Delayed Diva

Planet Earth Is Blue

Avoiding Cliches Like The Plague