Airing of Sale De Lavage

Torture, but conclusion unwanted

Score summers celibacy, enforced as with gaol dweller

Punishment though for crimeless act

Spiteful matriarch pride, her indoctrination prevails

“Opine thy suitor is toxic girl, conduct regardless”

Legacy of odious termagant, equally imbecilic spouse.


Yeti acquiesce not now, fury at long-term misguided idiocy

Score summers celibacy, reluctantly suffered for offspring’s good

Alternative, rancid town upbringing, heinous negative influence not option

Yeti blessed that offspring benefit, his sacrifice of no affection bears fruit

Odious matriarch and ‘special’ betrothed without grandchildren bond

In realisation of idiocy choice yeti demonisation, daughter’s kids bond not option.


Yeti despairs at marriage into family fuckwit

Joyless brood, bereft of intelligence, volition negativity

Paragraph four of this sonnet is bequeathed to your last score year memories

Also incorporate visits since terminally ill daughter’s diagnosis six winters past

Regardless, the scorer won’t be troubled

Plenty time to enjoy next world heat, no distraction from trip down memory lane.

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