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To Do Or Not To Do?.. That Is The Question!

Entering my second week of isolation in chez Strachan, I sit reflecting on what’s been a productive first week with regards ticking off small projects from the chore inventory I’ve created myself during lockdown. With the rear patio and retaining wall jet blasted, the garage and my bedroom spruced up, both front and back gardens manicured to within an inch of their lives, along with two blogs a day penned/published […]

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COVID Ni-ni-ni 19

With Danny Baker’s audiobook ‘Going To Sea In A Sieve’ my aural companion, I commence this second blog of the day with dusk taking over the Northern hemisphere baton from Friday’s daylight watch. Amongst the dark times remit’s ascension, the overseeing of all things COVID-19 related. With a triumvirate of governmental heads, including prime minister Boris Johnson, exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus, UK deaths rising and some of the populace bereft […]

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It’s been a fruitful two days dans le jardin de la maison Strachan. Not only have I mowed both lawns, undertaken border work, along with jet blasting a patio, I’ve also learned the French translation of ‘in the garden at the Strachan home’. Each task was undertaken with Verve and Gusto. Well, apart from learning the smidgen of French, which I did after Verve and Gusto had gone home. I find […]

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Concentrating The Mind

The apocalyptic sci-fi redolence hovering over existence in the wake of COVID-19 gets stronger by the day. Yesterday’s necessary escalation of restrictions to daily life arriving in the shape of governmental edicts; legislation decreeing none essential workers should only leave residences if/when absolutely necessary. In the previous week my narratives have included how living with this pandemic evoked scenes from John Wyndham’s tome Day of the Triffids, and a 1970’s BBC […]

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Piers Pressure

This morning, I read on social media a person opine the advent of COVID-19 has created selfishness in a proportion of the UK’s population. Yours truly fully concurring with the selfishness accusation; however, I’d argue the catalyst of the self-centred behaviour isn’t the coronavirus. In my opinion, this pandemic has merely brought to the surface conduct that’d always existed in a proportion of the populace, just not given the media […]

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As alluded to in yesterday’s journal Hide & Seek With The Pathogen, I’ve aspirations of a Pepysesque chronicling this era at the mercy of COVID-19’s conniption. Consequently, for the duration of the viruses brutal grip, I’m treating these daily journals as diary entries of how Gj Strachan’s emotions fluctuate during these unprecedented times. Links to these observations collated on my website on the page The Corona Essays. I find penning […]

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There’s Wally!

Day two of isolation amongst the Yorkshire Dales’ aesthetically pleasing rural mural. My temporary residence, a 19th century cottage, hopefully my sanctuary from contracting the coronavirus. Misguidedly, I poetically like to think COVID-19 wouldn’t dare darken the door of this idyllic setting with it’s stark agenda, but it’s clearly a notion of folly. Overnight, I’ve acquired a sporadic chesty cough which I understand is a symptom of the virus. However, […]

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