Old Joe

This morning, during a phone call with my mother, I was informed forecasters have predicted imminent adverse meteorological conditions in the north of England. Snow, high winds and risk of polar bear attack just some of the unpleasantness apparently heading our way I'm assuming her source is a weather forecasters, not a unreliable prophecy was … Continue reading Old Joe

Time To Revisit The Eric Yarns?

Behind door number 13 of casa Strachan's advent calendar lays a throwaway self-penned topical headline. An epiphany manifesting from the recesses of my mind - A notion that this morning belligerently queue jumped to the forefront of my conscious thoughts. Unceremoniously displacing an idea I was forming about re-visiting incomplete literary projects of yore. These … Continue reading Time To Revisit The Eric Yarns?

O’ Christmas Tree

Chez Strachan's Christmas tree was lovingly erected and decorated this morning. A real evergreen plant, it's transformed our front room into a fir scented scene of festive warmth. Imparting a smidgeon of yuletide cheer so desperately needed after a challenging few weeks for the clan, following the passing of my wife's mum a fortnight ago. … Continue reading O’ Christmas Tree

It’s Happy Hour Again!

I was in the north east of England on Monday and Tuesday. While up there I took the opportunity to catch up with an old mate from Low Fell, Gateshead. A pal who, regardless of how many months since we last met, ensures our verbal jousting continues as though it'd been the previous Friday. A … Continue reading It’s Happy Hour Again!

A Hearty Feast

At around 5.30pm yesterday the dinner gong chimed, leading to six members of my clan congregating in the dining room of casa Strachan senior. Our reward for this short walk from the lounge a splendid early Christmas meal, courtesy of my brother Ian's culinary artistry. A meal of roast turkey cooked to perfection by our … Continue reading A Hearty Feast

The Things They Say

"Welcome to the 21st century!" - A tongue-in-cheek text message received this morning from my twentysomething son Jonny. My offspring moved to send the quip on hearing I'd recently set myself up a WhatsApp account. Deeming myself as 'down with the kids', I pointed out to my boy his whimsical criticism was unjust. After all, … Continue reading The Things They Say

4G, or not 4G

'4G, or not 4G, that is the question:Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to sufferThe slings and arrows of outrageous data coverage,Or to take arms against a lack of FacebookAnd by losing end my contract. To move — to join EE....' Transcript Shakespeare may've utilised to commence a Hamlet soliloquy had the Prince of Denmark … Continue reading 4G, or not 4G