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Gore Blimey, Mate!

As I await the diminishing of it’s boiling water temperature to avoid scalding, my coffee house Americano with semi-skimmed milk currently sits tantalisingly in front of me. In desperate need of caffeine infusion, this wait undertaken with greater impatience than usual. An erratic overnight sleep resulting in a cranial numbness I’d imagine bears similarities to the stupefaction consequential of watching an episode of tabloid reality TV show Love Island. As […]

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Gray Day

Almost exactly a week after attending the funeral of a Gateshead Fell cricket club (GFCC) legend***, a club I represented for a decade between 1977-1987, this morning I was further saddened to hear of a former junior & senior team colleague Brian Gray’s passing. *** – Last week’s melancholic events more extensively detailed in my narrative Respecting A Club Icon.  Today’s bereavement news coming via text from John Hutchison, another member […]

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Treadmill Vogue

I’ve spent the last few hours taking my mum for her weekly comestible shop at a south Leeds supermarket. During today’s oft challenging sojourn, taking the opportunity to collect a phone whose tariff I’d upgraded to yesterday evening, along with investing in new and more en vogue gym kit. The latter I felt required imperatively to address the fact during yesterday’s Fitness Circuits class appearing as though I’d acquired my […]

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The Wheels Are Rolling

Akin to a learner driver in control of a manual transmission automobile, with a wee sense of achievement, this morning I’ve tentatively reached a metaphorical clutch and accelerator biting point. An event which consequently set in motion the dawning of yours truly’s 2020 New Years resolutions. This morning my attendance at a Health Circuit class at an east Leeds leisure centre providing the aforementioned engagement of clutch plate with fly […]

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Respecting A Club Icon

Yesterday, 2nd January, saw me attending the first (and hopefully my last) funeral of 2020. The journey up to Gateshead taken with buddy and former team mate John Hutchison, paying respects to a recently passed doyen of a cricket club we’d both represented at various junctures of our life odysseys. The wake giving me an opportunity to, for the first time since summer 1987, enter the club house of Gateshead Fell […]

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My 2020 Vision

New Year 2020 has dawned. Amongst the objectives I’ve given myself during this next twelve months is the perennial promise of addressing the paucity of my gym visits, exploring options of narrating yours truly’s prose into podcasts. Along with a desire to instigate world peace with an online campaign with the work in progress title of ‘Don’t Be A T**t!!’ Some may deem the latter as highly improbable, if not […]

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¿Qué zona de confort?

I’ve just returned from a round trip to Cheshire, picking up my mother from her Christmas hiatus at my sisters home. Bringing back the matriarch home to West Yorkshire, ending my few angst-free days of solitude. Mater (Maggie) was in fine spirits on the journey home, her yuletide spent in the company of my youngest sibling, her husband Steve and their two young children allowing some respite from the more […]

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