Glad To Have You Back

So glad to have you back where you belong

Satchmo’s salutations bestowed on returning Ms Levi

In Wakey suburbia, brood replicates Louis’ greeting, though pater recipient

Dolly replaced lyrically by Mally, apologies to Herman

A score and eleven sunsets incarcerated in bosom of healthcare institution

Octogenarian gaunt on return, though blessedly without canker of departure.


Unlike Ms Levi, no room swaying or band playing for old chap

No song from way back when

Judge, though, not on undemonstrative family show

Unmitigated delight pulses through broods veins

A month his struggle, 31 days clan purgatory

Recuperation priority, Yorkshireman’s return to institute not option.


As Louis Armstrong’s hailing of Dolly recrudesces dans mon tete

TV projects mashie niblick men; a few feet away Mally resides ‘his chair’ in situ

Immeasurable Clan glee, restoration of table head driver for joy

On TV, differing driver slices ball leading to perpetrator’s ‘Fore’ cry

Old man inexplicably takes evasive action, in spite of shout televisual

Ridicule desists, though, on errant golf ball resting on hearth rug.

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