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Mr Frears Had Sticky Out Ears

Updated version – 14th January 2017

Gary Strachan - "Write" Said Fred

scaffold 1

For reasons unbeknown to anyone but God and perhaps astrologer Russell Grant, I can’t get the 1968 song ‘Lily The Pink’ out of my head this morning.

The tongue in cheek song by comedy music group The Scaffold, which was number one in the UK charts for four weeks, is currently playing on a constant loop.

Meanwhile, I sit in front of blank piece of A4 paper on my laptop hoping Russell Grant, or even God, will let me in on the secret. As a result, I’m faced by unwanted distractions as I attempt to skilfully craft todays erudite monologue.

Creating a high quality narrative that will receive the approval of God and Russell Grant isn’t easy, especially with a comedic 1960’s song in the background.

As opposed to concentrating on the job in hand, my neurological impulses are constantly telling me unwanted information, such as Jennifer Eccles having terrible…

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