Position Incurable

Pernicious canker; indiscriminate spitefulness

Teases with capricious exhibitions of salubriousness

Clan chief Strachan stricken

Consequently, brood akin to felines on tin roof scorching

Seven years canker has taunted caricature

Norn man ponders if he fragmented mirror in 2010.


Similar to Damocles sabre, malignancy menaces

Jeering at chief’s brood from position incurable

It’s presence sickens Strachans

No ransom can return table head’s wellbeing

Canker seeks not riches, objective to torment the stricken

Vindictive illness; bereft of humanity.


Where’s thou compassion hateful tumours?

Did mother not teach her bastard son glory of benevolence?

Possessor of no endearing features thee

Maybe one day presence will be conspicuous by absence

Science and your foes altruism may just prevail

Meaning war can be won, not just sporadic battles.





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