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The Self-Proclaimed Bard of Bardsey

A couple of years back, in an attempt to increase the versatility of my work, I set myself a challenge of penning poetry, as an aside to my daily blog. Deliberately quilled in an enigmatic, cryptic and pretentious style, these sonnets provoked the reader into their own challenge of unravelling the meaning of the locutions. I must have written around fifty of these poems in the summer of 2017. Prose […]

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Oops Upside Your Head

As I write, outside the unforgiving spring bluster which has blighted Blighty for a few days continues unabated. Buffeting the budding deciduous tress, which in summer mask my rear window view of Colton Retail Park’s side brickwork, roof tiles and car park. Rather randomly, the back and forth swaying of the trees brings to mind the Oops Upside You Head rowing dance oft seen during at 1980’s discos. The Gap Bands […]

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Sceptred Isle’s Soldier

Tomorrow sees the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War (WWI). To mark this occasion today I’ve decided to take a break from the status quo and write a poem. A piece of prose addressing a fallen soldier from that conflict, referencing the irony of this centenary celebration’s close proximity to seemingly fraught Brexit negotiations between the UK and the European Union (EU). Ive not written a great […]

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If You Can’t See My Mirrors……

Early this week, on departing the M1 at junction 46*** I was close enough to the cargo lorry in front to read it’s warning of ‘If you can’t see my mirrors I can’t see you‘. A message I felt moved to idiosyncratically add as a mission statement on my Facebook profile. Doing so in the full knowledge of how vague/stupid/baffling/irrelevant (delete where applicable****) the mantra was. *** – Junction 46 […]

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To Be, Or Not To Be…..

On Thursday, while queuing for what turned out to be a splendid ham and piccalilli sandwich, I noticed a sign hanging close to the shop entrance advertising a charity called Campaign Against Living in Misery (CALM). As I waited for my butty to be freshly made, I scanned further detail about this campaign/charity, of which I’d no previous exposure. From this rare piece of inquisitiveness, I learned CALM has been […]

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Cry God For Harry….

With only a few hours of waiting to see if history will be made, excitement levels in England’s high streets, offices, homes and off-licences are at an almost unprecedented level. Displays of giddiness I’ve not witnessed since last year when an acquaintance heard he’d won TV chef Gordon Ramsay’s swear box in a raffle. Consequently there’s a buzz of anticipation and joy not oft seen on a Wednesday afternoon amongst […]

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Half Year – Half Full?

If the Dulux paint chart is to believed, in recent days the sky has been a ‘striking cyan’ colour. That being said, Crown paints beg to differ with their stock list indicating the celestial dome above us is more ‘splashing around’ blue. I’ll let the two UK paint giants argue whose chromatic descriptive is most accurate. One thing for sure, though, is that this vision sets a striking scene. A […]

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