Gateshead Memories



Below are links to a selection of narratives I’ve written relating to memories of growing up in Dorchester Gardens on Low Fell. These yarns are whimsical tales based on fact, amalgamated with a fictional infusion aimed at embellishing the storyline.

Respecting A Club Icon

Gray Day

Allerdene Field For Ever

Friday Nights On The Fell

Fell Fridays – The Taprooms

Halloweens Of Yore

Halloween II – Just As You Thought It Safe To Go Into Dorchester Gardens!!

Oops Upside Your Head

No Heavy Petting, Pet

Morning Has Broken

Impractically Imperfect In Some Ways

Here’s To You

Chick Chick Chick Chick Chicken….

A Date Night To Avoid


Lunchtime Lounging At The Griddle

…. And The Teachers Get The Money!


Breckers Aren’t Useless

Breckenbeds Fields Forever?


Dorchester Gardens Street Party – 1977

Re-Acquainting With The Past

Happy Valley

Happy Valley 2 – The Sequel

Fit For A Princess

Whatever Happened To You?…..

Maternal Edicts

Scoop Horsley

Best Get Warmed Up, Mick!!

Classic Memories

Protecting the Innocent

Schooldays Beside The Old Oak Field

The Perils of ‘Stone’ Skimming

No Going Back

A ‘Telling Off’ From Mater

My Wedding Day

Dartmouth Avenue Shops

On The Street Where I Lived

Say Cheese!

Nice To See You. To See You….

Egg, Handkerchief; Handkerchief, Egg

1970’s Hogmanays at Chez Strachan

Pint at The Jolly Miller

GFCC Juniors – Class of ’80

Tales from ‘The Fell’ Scorebox – Part 1

Tales from ‘The Fell’ Scorebox – Part 2

Is That David Attenborough, Gaz?

On Allerdene Field

The Chippy On Dawlish Gardens

Neil Fraser’s Cricket Boots

The Last Ship

Six & Out

A Pint of Scotch, Please

Unreliable Tales From The Pavilion

Bat Outta Fell

After ‘Bat Outta Hell’, Take The Second Exit

Off Spinning In His Grave

The Wrong ‘Un

Not So Secret Garden

That Umpire’s Looking Peaky!

The Crowd Went Wild!

Watching Sir Rog at the Low Fell Classic

Bren’s Boozer