Desperately Seeking Creativity

In the 2017 blog Desperately Seeking Creativity, an elusive light bulb moment is desperately sought by a Englishman; a catalyst to inject sparkle to a thus far uninspiring narrative.

In the 1985 movie Desperately Seeking Susan, Madonna plays the free spirited Susan, who is desperately sought by Rosanna Arquette’s character; a catalyst to brighten up her hum drum life.

The last paragraph has nothing to do with the remainder of this narrative. However, it’s worth remembering in the event you ever get asked “What was the catalyst to a brighter life for Rosanna Arquette’s character in the 1985 movie Desperately Seeking Susan?”

As you’ve probably guessed the Englishman, blue of eye, random of mind and hirsute of torso is me. The subject of hirsuteness is currently in my conscious mind after my wife recently labelling me a hairy gorilla.

I wasn’t overly bothered with her tongue in cheek insult about my pelt. However, we did clash badly over her thoughts on my behaviour. In particular, that of me pulling wiper blades and radio aerials off the neighbourhood cars.

Sitting in my dining area, I scan the immediate vicinity seeking a subject for my latest entry in the ‘Erratic Grammar’ category of the 2017 Brown Cow Pub Literary Awards.

Perched on a mahogany chair, my owl-like neck rotations have yet to identify anything as a potential writing topic…….. On the plus side, though, I’ve just found out I have the ability to spin my head around 360 degrees…… I’m sure that’ll come in handy one day.

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I had a similar creativity block yesterday; an affliction normally resolved by people watching.

Witnessing the world go by normally sparks an epiphany of some sort in the consciousness of yours truly. However, even when surrounded by approximately 60 individuals in a shopping mall coffee shop, the light bulb moment I craved remained elusive.

I’m estimating there was around 60 people in the coffee shop, however, if truth be told, I’m only guessing as I lost count. My desire to acquire an accurate head count rendered useless by people refusing to remain in their seats while I counted.

I enjoy writing, so these last two days of inspirational barrenness have been frustrating to say the least. As a result, penning blogs number 598 and 599 has been distinctly more difficult than I ordinarily find.

Many hours of my existence are utilised at my laptop’s keyboard. However, with a recent paucity of ideas, my current most useful contribution to the day is the occasional 360 degree spinning of my head.

I shall remain focussed, though, avoiding a Faustian act of selling my soul to the devil in return for the wherewithal to progress my creative ambitions……. Unless, of course, there is money involved!

Mind you, I’m not too disheartened. I remain confident I’ll return to a more fertile plateau in the near future.

I like to think this blip is akin to the old agricultural practise of crop rotation. A process introduced to mitigate against depletion of nutrients in the ground, by leaving an area/field fallow to encourage restoration of soil fertility.

At the moment, I proffer the ordinarily fertile creative area of my brain is currently  a neurological fallow area. Requiring a period of regeneration due to the increase in my blog output and poor sleep pattern in recent weeks.

Right, I’m off to repeatedly spin my head around 360 degrees until I fall of this chair from self-induced dizziness.

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