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Hope Springs Eternal

I’ve just returned from my inaugural visit to The Springs Retail/Entertainment Park at Thorpe Park, Leeds. A wondrous emporium of clothing, food and coffee provision, bequeathed to this fair metropolis by our corporate masters, innovative architects and a cosmopolitan cast of craftsman. Men who’ve worked around the clock, missing numerous Leeds United games on TV and the ending of drama The Bodyguard, allowing us access to goods our forefathers could […]

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One of the groups I follow on social media is Viz Comic. This the Facebook electronic channel of comic that’s been available to buy in newsagents for ages. I could google the exact date it came into publication, but I don’t envisage your that interested so I won’t bother…… If you are, google it yourself, and while you’re on there can you find me the actors name who played the […]

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Making Plans

At lunchtime I ventured along the A64 to see my son Jonny and his fiancee Jenny at their new home on the outskirts of York. A journey I embarked on with two Mrs Strachan’s – Junior from east Leeds manor, along with senior of locale Ardsley east. My son had invited the three of us over for tea, biscuits and to make secret plans (with me) to empty my mum’s […]

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Going Underground

Yesterday, for some unknown reason, an acquaintance asked my opinion on the apparent impasse over the UK’s Brexit agreement. If he was asking from the position of respect for my political opinions, although misguided, I appreciated their trust in seeking my unreliable witterings. That being said, though, I hold no opinion on the subject. My position simply a consequence of, like referendum campaigners, the British public, EU bureaucrats, Government and […]

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Sob Story for Simon

I had another trip over to my son’s new home today. Painting, grass cutting and out of tune singing to 1980’s hits the top of my agenda. If not singing along to music on Pulse 80’s FM, I tend to hum the base line of the 30+ year old refrain. The humming solution ordinarily manifesting itself when confronting lyrics I don’t know. To my mind, a far more apt substitute […]

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Keeping The Wolf From The Door

Yesterday in a local store, I overheard a glorious misquoting of an adage from a guy ahead of me at the checkout. This memorable incident occurred when he exclaimed to his partner “I’m sweating like a pig with a big mortgage!” During our recent 1-2 month warm spell, the correct version of that idiom (I’m sweating like a pig!) has oft been heard amongst avenues and alleyways frequented by the […]

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A 500 Worder With Cheese

It’s 08:28 am on Thursday 19th July – For the last twenty three minutes I’ve been gawping fecklessly at a blank Word document on my laptop screen. A creatively barren time where the document staring back forlornly, patiently awaiting a light bulb moment from GJ Strachan esq. An epiphany defiling it’s chaste canvas with thought provoking prose, erratic grammar and incorrect use of the word risible. I’d planned to quill […]

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