Breckenbeds Fields Forever?

Earlier today I published a narrative bequeathing it's discerning reader unreliable anecdotes from my junior high schooldays. These notions manifesting from the depths of my capricious mind; embellished by fictional addendums sourced from a neurological chamber with a door titled 'Random'. Breckenbeds Junior High on Saltwell Road in south Gateshead the subject of that ramble. … Continue reading Breckenbeds Fields Forever?

Lunchtime Lounging At The Griddle

The Gateshead senior high school where I was educated was demolished a couple of decades ago. I'm assured it's nothing to do with my attendance there and the hate mail's abated, but the self-doubt still lingers. The school's penchant for turning out top level professional footballers, a world renowned orchestra leader and an international rugby … Continue reading Lunchtime Lounging At The Griddle

Bridge Over The River Aire

As I'm unable to drive until Friday, this morning my mum cadged a lift from family friend Jo to visit yours truly, her eldest offspring. No doubt frightened she's been missing out on something in the week and a bit since I last saw her, on arrival the old lady interrogated me at length about … Continue reading Bridge Over The River Aire

A Small Setback

Just over three weeks into my post-cardiac arrest recuperation, today's seen the first day I've experienced a setback. This complication a short term chest discomfort following a brisk twenty minute walk I took to the local Sainsburys store, where I'd arranged to meet up with my wife for coffee. This incident was fairly fleeting, however … Continue reading A Small Setback

Forgotten Riches

At the risk of turning this into a less accomplished Alan Bennett biscuit monologue, yesterday I became reacquainted with the joys of Rich Teas. A cookie pleasure I'd not experienced for decades, following the turning of my fickle heart and head by the enchantment of a chocolate Hob Nob. My Rich Tea relationship ending abruptly … Continue reading Forgotten Riches

Voorhees A Jolly Good Fellow

I've just returned from my local Sainsburys store where I've been stocking up with bananas, oranges, walnuts and a regenerative smoothie. A few of the new healthier dietary companions who now grace casa Strachan's fruit bowl; a kitchen item that until recently was home to crisp packets and bags of Haribo gummy bears. Fruit and … Continue reading Voorhees A Jolly Good Fellow

Well Don’t Do It Then!

Over many years of undertaking the unofficial and unwanted role of St Garfield, the patron saint of hospital waiting rooms, I've learned it's possible to extract humour, melancholy and maybe a thought-provoking notion from even the darkest of situations. For instance, during my post cardiac-arrest hospital admission I was asked scores of medical questions - … Continue reading Well Don’t Do It Then!