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Ostentatious Dining in WF3

In the absence of my estranged wife, I’m back residing at my marital home for a few nights. Circumstances, though, that didn’t stop me lunching at my mother’s abode today; my company the brood’s matriarch, my son Jonathon and his affianced Jenny. This family feast not just any old lunch, moreover the culinary banquet a M&S smorgasbord. This buffet containing platters of delicacies in the shape of antipasto, lobster with Mac/cheese, […]

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Meet The New Boss…..

The UK populous have spoken – Subsequently, this morning we woke to witness the new leaders were the same as the old leaders. As is the people’s right in a democracy, by a decent majority, they’ve chosen their leaders and placed their trust in five more years of being governed by the Conservative (Tory) Party. Although not party to his diary itinerary, which I poetically think of as being written in […]

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Preparations For The Festive Period

This morning, in preparation for the Christmas holiday period, I picked up a bunch of non-perishable comestibles, along with a smattering of non-food products…… To clarify, I didn’t just pick them up and proceed to walk/run out of the supermarket with a security guard in hot pursuit – I also paid for the items.Not only is yours truly disinclined to pilfer, yours truly’s also put off shoplifting by concerns, since January’s […]

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Folks Feel Christmassy, But Gary Disnae

Despite being the 10th December, there remains a paucity of Christmas spirit within yours truly’s capricious psyche. Apart from ordering a few presents online, thus far little has changed from my usual day-to-day pre-festive season existence. This afternoon, though, I’m hoping decorating a Christmas tree at my East Ardsley abode will be a catalyst to negating this scrooge-esque behaviour. This relatively simple task hopefully manifesting conscious awareness of what the […]

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Shed 7 – Everton 3

The scene played out at midnight on the periphery of Leeds city train station. To the backdrop of sparkling city square Christmas lights, a bearded middle aged man huddled in his Superdry wind cheater amongst a throng of almost a hundred fellow revellers. Like minded individuals who similarly sought refuge from the biting cold, along with transport home, in the shape of taxi carriage The Superdry coat achieving exactly what it […]

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A Good Walk Spoiled

I’ve just got off the phone from a conversation with my son Jonathon, who lives with his charming fiancee Jenny on the outskirts of York. This conversation incorporating our usual inanely random chatter; topics including UPV door adaptations, aspirations for Christmas gifts, his new love of golf and his idiosyncratic grandma (my mum). My son’s fairly recent love of playing eighteen holes on his local golf course, accompanied by his […]

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Face Value

Among the many emotions manifesting from exposure to certain pieces of music are memories evoked by its lyrics and/or melody. Anthems that are indelibly etched on our life canvases, bringing to mind memories of joy, sadness, despair and wonderment at why there’s a brass band in our living rooms. Recently I’ve been enjoying listening to some of the vinyl albums from my youth. Consequently, I’ve felt moved to, in my […]

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