They Can Be So Bad For You!

Friday evening saw Mrs S and yours truly sitting in Block 104 of the first direct Arena, Leeds. Our venture's motive to witness one Richard Paul Astley from the manor of Newton-le-Willows entertain us and 13,000 others with a night of pop and contemporary refrains. As I've written previously, my wife Karen has an endearing … Continue reading They Can Be So Bad For You!

In The Company of Mike & Spike

In the company of a pal of mine, yesterday evening I went to see a gig at the Brudenell club, Leeds. This an odyssey to see a band called The Quireboys - A synergy of musicians with roots in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Scotland and a Llandudno B&B (allegedly).  I'll be honest and admit it's a band I'm … Continue reading In The Company of Mike & Spike

Power To The People

This morning, I ventured to the market town of Morley on the south west periphery of Leeds. A West Yorkshire town, which according to the Pointless Information & Statistics Society, boasts more central heating boiler resets per year than any other European metropolis..... Apart from it's twinned town (Siegen) in Germany which is notorious for … Continue reading Power To The People

Starry, Starry Night

Thursday turned out to be a fairly unremarkable day. My existential contributions confined to penning a daily narrative, along with chauffeuring Mrs Strachan senior for her weekly food shop at the White Rose Shopping Centre. Nightfall saw the day's quiet ambience, which had brought a serenity and inner calm to my erstwhile troubled soul, sadly acquiesce to … Continue reading Starry, Starry Night

Counting Toothpicks At The Grand

It takes guts to reprise a role on stage performed with such distinction in the original movie it secured the portraying actor (Dustin Hoffman) an Oscar - An accomplishment he achieved in the 61st Academy Award ceremony (1989). A lead actor performance that possibly usurps those of the other 89 winners of the accolade, prior … Continue reading Counting Toothpicks At The Grand

Countering SWABS

Recently, I've found my enthusiasm for writing these daily narratives has been on the wane. Consequently, the whole process is taking significantly longer than usual and ideas that ordinarily flow plentifully are currently of a premium. A fact not helped with the creative flow being diminished by having to pen the pieces in broken segments … Continue reading Countering SWABS

Isolation of the Lambs

According to viking legend, mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy, a kid'll eat ivy too, wouldn't you?...... Or was that the advocacy of songwriters Milton Drake, Al Hoffman and Jerry Livingston?...... I best research that before posting. Anyhow, regardless of who came up with the adage, on a writing … Continue reading Isolation of the Lambs