And When They Were Up….

In stadium white rose, rendezvous unexpected

Pater and his boy, a chance encounter

Offspring’s trademark smile greets old man

Joint remit witnessing of Roses War skirmish

Willow belabouring leather sphere contest

Superior tally victor; Lewis/Duckworth welcome not

Will the House of York or Lancaster prevail?

A battle to win, though not victory of war.


Progenitors of Plantagenet House bear witness

Uncovered stands residence, boisterous in ale

Headingley field not Bosworth their canvas

Recurring chant of counties moniker, zealots taunt

Yorkist’s batting momentum, precipitation derailed

Nimbus clouds bequeathment awaken Lewis & Duckworth

Mercifully short-lived break, returning mathematicians to slumber

Hosts total 182; House of Lancaster stint commences.


Duke of York’s 10,000 men on terraces bay 11 soldiers home

Marching to top of hill and back down ale bound

Always up, Tudor’s forebears always down

Apart from when halfway up, pre-Buttler demise

Precipitation returns while fat lady clears throat

With dozen Yorkist deliveries vestigial, Lewis & Duckworth slumber on

Concluded by quartet dismissals swift, Duke of York’s tribe proclaim

Delight a small recompense for Tudor’s feudalism of centuries past.



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