The Rain In Spain…..

Yesterday my wife Karen and me took an early evening saunter into Leeds city centre. Our mission, should we choose to accept it (which we did), a cheeky little drink accompanied with an even more brazen meal. Our late afternoon eatery of choice the Harvey Nichols Brassiere, where we sampled a touch of the elegance … Continue reading The Rain In Spain…..

Say Cheese!

In the last couple of weeks I've posted a number of my narratives onto two Facebook groups whose members have links to my childhood home, Low Fell in Gateshead. These pieces of prose a selection of newly penned and previously written recollections from childhood. Partly factually/partly fictional, their publication was driven by my desire to … Continue reading Say Cheese!

A Walk On The Lakeside

As part of gradually upping my post-cardiac arrest exercise regime, I increased the distance of yesterday's daily stroll to three miles. This my longest walk since last November when I took on the not inconsiderable challenge of circumnavigating TV presenter Piers Morgan's ego. That a draining test of my physical and mental resources which, although … Continue reading A Walk On The Lakeside

Ask Not What Your…..

Tomorrow is green bin day in Leeds 15. I'm aware that detail is of (a) no use if you don't live in the LS15 postcode area, and (b) not that interesting even if you do; however I really am struggling for a blog topic today. Inclusion of refuse collection information undertaken after concluding transcription of … Continue reading Ask Not What Your…..

Strac the Wife

Tomorrow, my wife Karen returns from an eleven night sabbatical at her childhood home in the County Durham town of Birtley. A sojourn undertaken to help care for her recently widowed octogenarian father. Although not a hiatus requiring passport, Hawaiian shirt or the SPF 20 sun cream, on her return my spouse will be required … Continue reading Strac the Wife


At one stage yesterday evening I found myself watching US drama Dexter in parallel to listening to Edward Elgar's classic orchestral work Nimrod (Enigma Variations). As entertainment multi-tasking is unusual behaviour for yours truly, on completion of Nimrod I began mulling over the significance of this break from the status quo (no not the band!). … Continue reading Over-Analysing!

Balaclava Days in NE9

In numerous previous literary offerings I've written whimsically of northern English summers past. In particular the mid to late 1970's, years when meteorological gods bequeathed us Brits almost unbroken sunshine during the warm season. Helius and Zeus working in conjunction with Karma to recompense the UK proletariat for 1974's power cuts and 1976's Great Spangle … Continue reading Balaclava Days in NE9