On the album Nothing Like The Sun ex-Police frontman Sting gifted his discerning listener a serene refrain titled 'Fragile'. Contained within it a particularly emotive musical thread performed on Spanish guitar. A melancholic yet comforting melody apparently inspired by the killing of a peace corps volunteer in Nicaragua. As a non-musician I'm unqualified to give … Continue reading Fragile


Yesterday, during discharge from hospital, a medic warned me to take things steady physically, along with avoiding situations that may trigger stressful responses. Well meaning advice key to GJ Strachan's speedier post-op recuperation. The need of which chronicled in greater depth in yesterdays blog 'Home at Last' - Knowing the potential consequences of not … Continue reading Adapting

Home At Last

Yesterday evening, laying in the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) bed which'd been my residence since a cardiac arrest last Friday morning, thoughts turned to how much I'd missed casa Strachan during this unscheduled tenancy. A quartet of dusks/dawns where I'd been deprived of numerous sensory comfort blankets. Simple experiences such as witnessing it's decorative contemporary … Continue reading Home At Last

A Wake Up Call

I'm writing this narrative from my hospital bed in the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI). A patient of their cardiology assessment ward, this imposing medical establishment has been my residence since Friday morning after I suffered a heart attack. As I commented on social media yesterday, the extremes I'll go to attract attention getting ever more … Continue reading A Wake Up Call

Better Late Than……

As a consequence of this morning's three hours voluntary work, lunch with a family member and undertaking a weekly food shop, today's blog has been somewhat delayed. It's just gone 4pm on Thursday 10th January 2019 and this is the first opportunity I've had to open up my laptop. My trusty sidekick who accompanies me … Continue reading Better Late Than……