Utopia In Sock Tags

Matchstick arms enclosed in long sleeves achromatic

Boy of ten summers stretches cotton kit for palm stealth

Mimicking hero’s posture, in flight and in goal celebration

Visage smile matches contemporary shirt motif

Socks accessorised with tag blue, number eight white

Imitation accuracy usurps discomfort of adorning accessory.

Sock Tags


His hero a man of Willenhall, Sniffer by pseudonym

Second born, though most successful of footballing sibling quartet

Moniker bequeathed at poacher’s goal sniffing prowess

Oft source of football fulfilment on boy’s canvas existential

One of eleven white-shirted gladiators; frequent bearers of audience delight

“Clarke, One-nil!” commentators soundbite; still oft recollected o’er 40 years hence .


Gladiators adorning all-white dispersed mid-decade 1970’s

Audience smile’s diminishing along with motif smiley

Boy’s puberty coincided, compounding adolescent angst

Child’s motif amour remains, though something died with exiting gladiators

Now middle aged, man will always procure comfort at childhood witness gladiatorial

At least until the world stops going around.

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