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“He Wants Bleedin’ Milkin’, The Fat Get!”

Gary Strachan - "Write" Said Fred

“Right, then, it’s Manchester United versus Spurs in this cup tie here at Old Trafford. And it’s the fair-haired, slightly balding Charlton to kick off.”

Words of commentary delivered with gusto by sports teacher Mr Sugden (played by the late Brian Glover) in the 1970 British movie Kes. His descriptive words not only kicking off a PE lesson football match, but the start of a pricelessly funny and much loved scene.

kes 4

Despite this regular use of humour throughout the movie’s screenplay, respite from the lack of humanity and spite is scarce. There seems no escape from the social problems ingrained in this kitchen sink drama, charting the existence of a marginalised teenage boy and his eponymously named kestrel.

Based on Barry Hines book ‘A Kestrel for a Knave’, director Ken Loach’s social comment surrounding the bleak existence of this 15 year old young lad is ranked seventh in the British Film Institute’s…

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