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The Hydrangea And Tonto

Throwback Thursday…… Two years ago today as we hurtled, towards winter……

Gary Strachan - "Write" Said Fred

Autumn Garden

On a slow news day, I’m currently sat looking out of my back window for inspiration. The aesthetically pleasing mixture of chromatic and achromatic colours combine effortlessly to create an eye catching canvas. It’s Art Nouveau style stirs my creative juices, whilst the spicy sandwich I had for lunch stirs my gastric juices.

The first sight that catches my eye is the yellow glow of nasturtiums, winter pansies and the black eyed susan flowers. To clarify, a black eyed susan is a plant not a woman who’s suffered domestic abuse from a Stella Artois fuelled partner.

The deep red of the Russian vine leaves on my back fence, which hang on for dear life as autumn takes an ever stronger grip, merge with golds of the trees in the background. I have to do a double take as the union of their colours initially gave the impression that the fence was on…

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