Part of the Reality Show

Evincing patience is virtuous, so proverb claims

An idiom once steadfastly embraced by the proletariat

Instant gratification, though, now king in kingdom of the self-entitled

In vogue devices deemed a human right by the misguided

Even politics gives impression this is all a reality TV show

When phone lines open, vote using my on-screen number.


Do I deserve your ballot support? Probably not

It matters not though; a quarter hour later the winner disappears

Unless lesson taken, resurfacing 5 years hence, 25 lbs heavier

To yet again becoming a side-show for the prurient masses

Throw in a sob story, your participation is guaranteed for another week

Throw in the towel, Warhol’s 15 minute fame baton passes to Stoke bloke.


If one can’t prevail, another adage suggests to join ‘em

But I’ve had a word with Em and I’m not welcome on ‘The Voice’

Restraining orders scupper plans to croon for Midlands beauty

Black Eyed Peas geezer and Leeds fan Ricky dodge a baritone bullet

Maybe Ant & Dec can facilitate my quarter of an hour in the sun

It’s a thought, but I’ll not splash on the factor 20 just yet.

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