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COVID Ni-ni-ni 19

With Danny Baker’s audiobook ‘Going To Sea In A Sieve’ my aural companion, I commence this second blog of the day with dusk taking over the Northern hemisphere baton from Friday’s daylight watch. Amongst the dark times remit’s ascension, the overseeing of all things COVID-19 related. With a triumvirate of governmental heads, including prime minister Boris Johnson, exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus, UK deaths rising and some of the populace bereft […]

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Better Than No Dream

Striving to constantly evolve as an erudite wordsmith and thinker, I’ve recently began harbouring aspirations of producing more intellectually philosophical output. My normal dabbling into philosophy, which has sprung forth wisdom such as “Well, that’s it then!” and “Hmmmm, never mind!”, aren’t without value as such. However, even the most benevolent of souls would rightly suggest such mutterings can barely be classed as high brow literary or oratory musings. The […]

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Turn Up The Quiet!

This week, I’ve drafted the content of these observations from my usual cafe ‘desk’ to aural accompaniments an octave to two above the routine background mutterings I experience. This increase in soprano emissions sourced by West Yorkshire children ‘s vocal chords. Exuberant youngsters tarrying among the White Rose Shopping Centre aisles with, in many cases, their long-suffering guardians. These kids’ parents adorning typical half-term school holiday body language. Brow beaten, their […]

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In about two hours I’ll be partaking in only my second ever Pilates class. This re-entering into the contrology studio resultant of, bar finding balancing on one leg without falling over a challenge, thoroughly enjoying my recent inaugural session of the core enhancing exercise. This lack of stability while attempting to remain upright on a solitary lower limb surprised and slightly alarming yours truly. After all, I used to have […]

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Getting My Goat

Despite protestations to the contrary by the outside temperature gauge on my car, today’s external ambience is bitingly cold. The wind chill messing with the gauge’s veracity; the latter’s climatic inaccuracy borne from negation of breeze condition influences from its encasing within the car’s chassis. This is today’s second essay. This additional prose an infrequent event, but with some spare time on my hands, I’ve decided to spend it in a portal […]

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Trouble in Lapland?

Door sixteen of the advent calendar sits ajar. Consequently, Santa’s only eight days left to bark out further motivational banter to his reindeer ‘army’, prior to their gruelling twenty four hour shift dragging fat arse and his gift laden chariot around the globe. In preparation for an arduous night on the 24th December, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Donner, Cupid and Blixen have undertaken a strict fitness regime at the Lapland […]

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A Good Walk Spoiled

I’ve just got off the phone from a conversation with my son Jonathon, who lives with his charming fiancee Jenny on the outskirts of York. This conversation incorporating our usual inanely random chatter; topics including UPV door adaptations, aspirations for Christmas gifts, his new love of golf and his idiosyncratic grandma (my mum). My son’s fairly recent love of playing eighteen holes on his local golf course, accompanied by his […]

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