Vinyl Voyage

Penny Lane via trip down memory lane

Tour d’mystere magical; GPS unrequired

Abbey Road delay; quartet joining chicken across road

Caricature taken on sojourn nostalgic; vinyl album genesis

Though with Collins as solitary balladeer.


Talk of man in gabardine suit engaged in espionage

Greyhound passenger; accusations of camera in bow tie

Materialised empty assumptions; mischievous game with visages

Groundless speculation from balladeer, Pittsburgh destined

Lunar rising witnessed; horizon of field overt.


33 rpm journey sentimental ends; 1960’s Vegas destination

Back in Sands of time; entertainment by pseudo pack of rodents

Old blue eyes croons with congruous buddy’s Sam and Dean

Grand songbook star spangled the trio’s hymn book

Standards much imitated, majesty of threesome’s take unequivocal.

rat pack

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