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Music Hotter Than July

This is my second attempt at commencing today’s narrative. The hundred or so words I originally penned disappearing into an e-ether after, while hindered by having to wax lyrical on my mobile phone instead of laptop, inadvertently deleted the draft. They say a bad workman blames his tools. However, in my case earlier, it was me being a tool that was the catalyst to brief ineptitude at my art. Not […]

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Still Standing

Recently I was asked by a younger acquaintance to describe life residing on the sometimes fraught pastures of middle age. They didn’t ask in exactly that manner, their enquiry delivered more along the lines of “It must be s**t being middle aged, you fat b*****d!” However, I thought my version more poetic. Ordinarily, when questioned about the merits (or otherwise) of residing at this juncture of the ageing process I […]

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Avoiding The Eurovision Express

It was the Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday evening. A smorgasbord of sing-song which in recent decades has allowed European nations (and recently our Australian cousins) their annual opportunity to humiliate the less creative end of the UK’s song writing industry. I’d like to think our continental cousin’s motives are deeply ingrained envy, born from a fact that over the last century Grande-Bretagne has kicked their collective asses in the […]

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Preaching To The Choir

This morning I spent a couple of hours with a fellow volunteer collecting for Marie Curie Cancer Support (MCCS). Our partner in fundraising, arranged as part of ongoing Tour de Yorkshire celebrations, the Garforth Community Choir (GCC) – A melodious band of brothers and sisters whose upbeat harmonising attracted MCCS benefactors like nectar lures a worker bee. Witnessing the delight of the assembled audience at the musical fare on offer, […]

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Saying It With Song

Today sees the Gregorian calendar baton passing seamlessly from April to May. A change taking followers of Pope Gregory XIII’s 16th century almanac into its fifth monthly epoch of 2019. What will May bring its attending guests and more importantly what’s the dress code? Hopefully not raincoats, wind cheaters and kaleidoscopically coloured leg warmers like the month just departed. April was a month of mixed emotions for yours truly. On […]

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One Small Step

Tomorrow sees my long-awaited post cardiac arrest health assessment. This a pre-requisite so cardio rehab staff can formulate a bespoke rehab plan for me to utilise at my local gym. This fitness strategy being drawn up to strengthen my heart muscle after it sustained moderate damage during the life-threatening incident. A plan that, although not mandatory, is an available and clearly sensible approach to follow. Hopefully, in association with my stents, […]

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On The Street Where I Lived

I have often walked down the street before But the pavement always Stayed beneath my feet before. All at once am I Several stories high Knowing I’m on the street where you live. Alan Jay Lerner’s lyrics from the song ‘On The Street Where You Live’ from the 1956 musical stage production of My Fair Lady. A song sung by incorrigible young socialite Freddy Eynsford-Hill outside the residence of a […]

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