They Can Be So Bad For You!

Friday evening saw Mrs S and yours truly sitting in Block 104 of the first direct Arena, Leeds. Our venture's motive to witness one Richard Paul Astley from the manor of Newton-le-Willows entertain us and 13,000 others with a night of pop and contemporary refrains. As I've written previously, my wife Karen has an endearing … Continue reading They Can Be So Bad For You!

Blowing In From The Windy City

In the movie Calamity Jane, on her return from Chicagy on the Deadwood Stage, it's star Doris Day sang:- "Just blew in from the windy city, The windy city is mighty pretty, But it ain't got what we got, no sirree....." Despite going on to extol the big city's tall buildings, minstrel shows, dancing girls, … Continue reading Blowing In From The Windy City


Over the weekend, I was sad to read of the passing of Chas & Dave pianist Chas Hodges. Hodges, one half of the London pair who in the 1980's taught us when it comes to a vacation, "You can keep the Costa Brava, I tell you mate I'd rava have a day darn Margate wiv … Continue reading Gerchta

Sob Story for Simon

I had another trip over to my son's new home today. Painting, grass cutting and out of tune singing to 1980's hits the top of my agenda. If not singing along to music on Pulse 80's FM, I tend to hum the base line of the 30+ year old refrain. The humming solution ordinarily manifesting … Continue reading Sob Story for Simon

What’s The Time, Mrs Wolf? If only I were a rich man! - A sentiment subscribed to by those who feel there's happy every afters in that there pretty green. A misguided idea believing being well off is the route to a trouble-free existence; a catalyst to a utopian place where misery and anxiety dare not darken it's door. … Continue reading What’s The Time, Mrs Wolf?

What Aint We Got?

As I flounder in search of inspiration for today's literary topic, my eyes are drawn to the globe perched among the shelves of my dining room bookcase. The area of the sphere in my immediate vision the multitude South Pacific islands east of Australia. Tuvulu, Kiribati, Vanuatu and Tokelau just four of the hundreds of … Continue reading What Aint We Got?

The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn?

There was a boy A very strange enchanted boy They say he wandered very far Very far Over land and sea A little shy And sad of eye But very wise Very wise was he Then one day A magic day he passed my way And while he spoke of many things Fools and kings … Continue reading The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn?