Seeking Out The Candelabras Again

A few days ago, in the narrative Mills & Croon, I revealed I’d purchased an electronic keyboard with the intention of learning to play the piano.

Incidentally, I realise it was unnecessary to add the suffix of ‘with the intention of learning to play the piano’ as my motive for the keyboards purchase. After all, it stood to reason I wouldn’t have procured a trumpet to fulfil my ivory tinkling aspirations; however I felt move to include the observation as I’m nothing if not thorough.

In that recent essay I’d neglectfully omitted to advice you (my dear readers) that I’d five or six professional piano lessons in 2015. My electric spinet back then a Roland D20 keyboard – Equipment which I’d procured my son Jonathon’s prior to him fleeing the nest……….. When I say he fled the nest it’s probably more accurate to relay this wasn’t a voluntary action on his part…… No, we threw him out for his rubbish piano playing.

Sadly, seven years ago, I was less motivated at honing my keyboard skills as I am now. This indifference leading to my practise time at the instrument eventually dwindling to an extent where I found myself getting worse, not improving, at my tinkling pastime. This motivational barrier leading to GJ Strachan’s disenchantment and, like a lion when confronted with a salad lunch box, my keyboard case lid remained unopened.

In 2015, during my inaugural attempt at learning the piano, I’d jokingly tell people my ambition was to attain the competence level on the instrument where I could perform a Liberace tribute act. However, as this gag tended to unsettle people more than make them laugh I swiftly binned that gag……….. My latter loss of interest in piano practise eventually leading to me disposing of £500’s worth of unused candelabras and gem encrusted outfits.

Anyhow, what’s past is past; and I’m not gonna beat myself up further for so hastily ditching my 2015 attempt at improving my piano proficiency. Actually, when writing improving my proficiency as I’d never played it before, I should’ve really penned attaining the first chuffing idea what to do perched in front of its monochrome keys.

It has to be said, though, in prevailing times I’m considerably more driven towards attaining a reasonable mastery level at ivory tinkling.

Thus far it’s encouraging to note my reading of music seems to’ve progressed ok and, although played at snail-like motion, I’m slowly getting to grips with a basic understanding of the keys around ‘middle C’.

An achievement which may not sound much, however I’m informed is a key pre-requisite to learning the harder stuff laying in wait like a viper awaiting to pounce on it’s unsuspecting prey.

I realise it’s very early days in my self-tuition of the instrument, but I’m currently struggling with the timing when unsteadily navigating each bar. Trying to read music as a beginner, whilst staying in time, takes concentration and lots of practise. With this in mind, I’ve downloaded a metronome app on my phone to help overcome the timing issues.

At the minute it’s not helping my piano playing, but it does seem to have cured the irregular heartbeat I had post heart attack in 2019. ……….. I’m not despondent though; I’m sure with lots of practise and hard work I’ll get there in the end!……. Now where did I put those unused candelabras and gem encrusted outfits?!

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