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Traffic Signal Irony

This morning, while making a short drive across town, yours truly experienced a minor yet irksome incident. To clarify, this wasn’t a vehicle collision, moreover what I’d suggest are a set of circumstances uncommon to my fellow UK drivers. Wanting to play an audiobook, but being unable to locate it safely while manoeuvring in relatively busy south Leeds traffic, I harboured hopes my thus far stoppage-free voyage would be momentarily […]

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Just Fat Crying

Following last week’s hiatus while York in situ, this morning yours truly partook in a fitness class for the first time in ten days. A session where it became clear the sabbatical from exercise, along with consumption of a significantly less healthy diet, had taken its toll on the author’s physical vigour. The above circumstances contributing to perspiration output levels which evoked memories of my trip to Ontario last October […]

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Glass House Dwellers Strike Again!!

Yesterday, on reading 40 year old TV presenter Caroline Flack had taken her own life I felt moved me to broach the subject of depression in essay. My words not laid down in pontification, or indeed from a misguided position of self-righteousness which’d be rank hypocrisy on my part. Moreover, observations taken from my own experiences fighting affliction by recurring depressive disorder. Deeming it as airing my dirty washing in […]

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Dennis the Menace

Despite the UK’s prevailing erratic meteorological conditions, spring is only around the corner, although I’m unsure which corner it’s hiding behind. Wherever the season resides, though, I’m hoping it’ll stop procrastinating and get it’s ass back to Blighty pronto. Weekend weather forecast maps exhibiting low pressure isobars envelope our nation; these tightening to their narrowest sphere akin to Native American’s menacingly circumnavigating a waggon convoy 1950’s B-movie. The UK’s inclement […]

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Wait A Minute Mr Postman!

On the morning of 14th February I was greeted by an unexpected audible ping on entering the living room in Chez Strachan. Foolishly, I romanticised this aural distraction maybe emanated from Cupid’s bow string; its source the forceful triggering an arrow in my direction; a gesture of amour from a love struck valentine. A notion, though, soon dispelled when I realised the noise’s origin wasn’t an act of the god […]

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Don’t Ask Me Howard?!

Today sweethearts around the globe will drink a toast to mark a special day for the patron saint of love……. No, it’s not actress Margot Robbie’s birthday (I don’t think anyway!), I’m alluding to the perennial mid-February love fest which goes under the moniker of St Valentine’s Day. Throughout the world, enamoured couples will make affectionate gestures like the sending of red roses, chocolates, sensual underwear and fragrances, accompanied by cards containing […]

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Doing Business

“It was cold; once she’d done her business we came straight back home.” Information related to me from a friend in response to a question relating to the walk she’d returned from with her Labrador/retriever cross Coco. The expression ‘doing its business’ has always struck me as a curious way to describe a canines emptying of its bowels. Sure everyone knows what it means, however, I always felt the pretty non-descriptive […]

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