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“He Seems A Lovely Lad!”

As I put pen to paper, there’s a royal wedding playing out on the goggle box in the far corner of casa Strachan’s modest living room. The Duke of York’s youngest daughter Princess Eugenie and a chap called Jack, who both Mrs Strachan’s senior and junior opined “Seems a lovely lad!”, the soon to be betrothed couple. I’ve never met, or am likely to meet, the groom to enforce the […]

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Making Plans

At lunchtime I ventured along the A64 to see my son Jonny and his fiancee Jenny at their new home on the outskirts of York. A journey I embarked on with two Mrs Strachan’s – Junior from east Leeds manor, along with senior of locale Ardsley east. My son had invited the three of us over for tea, biscuits and to make secret plans (with me) to empty my mum’s […]

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License Not Always Required

Like many with a penchant for putting pen to paper, I often use artistic license in my prose. Fictional elements included aimed at incorporating humour, or merely to enhance the readworthiness of a otherwise dull anecdote. Additions required when GJ Strachan’s cascading of his monochrome lifestyle needs a dash of colour. It’s fair to say, as with numerous individuals, my real existence isn’t interesting enough to sustain a purely factual […]

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Fiction Becoming Fact

This morning, Facebook memories felt moved to remind me three years ago today I printed off 360+ pages of A4 paper containing a tome I penned in spring 2010. Not the most ecologically friendly of undertakings on my part, however, at that time hubris fed a need to possess paper copies of yours truly’s art. These words, quilled upon chaste pages, portraying a fictional tale of an emotional support organisation […]

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Strachan Not Strachan’t

August Bank Holiday Monday – Mercifully, the twenty four hours of incessant precipitation over large swathes of the UK has at last abated. Feeling inspirationally spent on waking, this morning I wasn’t going to bother penning my usual daily narrative. Unsure of what my itinerary was going to entail, initial thoughts revolved around viewing a The Sopranos boxset on TV; or perhaps a bracing stroll amongst the grounds of Temple […]

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Call The Calling Off Off

Today sees an early start for the deflowering of the chaste parchment afore me. My rising with the birds a consequence of a scheduled visit from a heating engineer, his remit to undertake an annual boiler service. Before proceeding, I’d like to point out that I’m aware the first sentence in the inaugural paragraph may seem an overly self-indulgent descriptive for population of blank paper with my capricious musings…… Actually, […]

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Shelves of Sanctuary

I recently watched a few earlier episodes of TV drama The Sopranos. A series that, despite it’s final episode being over ten years old, maintains a lofty perch on the Gary Strachan shelves of sanctuary. You may wonder what the heck the Gary Strachan shelves of sanctuary represent. As I’ve just making up the term, I certainly do!…… That being said, I’ll try to ‘wing it’ with an explanation of […]

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