During the half century I've resided on this dysfunctional planet I've been confronted by numerous intriguing life questions. Among them an irritational compulsion to unearth what the Q stood for in the name of my childhood optician JQ Summers. The affable Scotsman who practised his ophthalmic trade in a shop opposite the Cannon pub on … Continue reading Q

Breckers Aren’t Useless

Within the past few days I've shared a trilogy of narratives (Lunchtime Lounging At The Griddle, …. And The Teachers Get The Money! & Duck!!) regarding whimsical, partly fictional, recollections of the Gateshead senior high school I attended between 1977-79. This education establishment, which became victim to the wrecking ball a couple of decades ago, going by … Continue reading Breckers Aren’t Useless

Sounds Like A Plan

During a post-lunch walk around the estate in which casa Strachan resides I bumped into an old acquaintance. Aware of my recent cardio issues, during our brief chat, he magnanimously offered his good wishes for a speedy and full recovery. During the conversation they enquired what the experience of undergoing a heart attack felt like. … Continue reading Sounds Like A Plan

The Slowest Milk Cart In The East

For the last few hours I've been watching Fiddler on the Roof. To clarify, that's the 1971 movie adaptation of the award-winning Broadway musical, not that I've just witnessed Rolf Harris making a rooftop prison protest. An epic movie of just over three hours duration, the production was the winner of three Academy Awards (Best … Continue reading The Slowest Milk Cart In The East


Due to recent life events, I'm currently undertaking an unintended 'Dry January'. My alcohol abstinence not earning money for a charitable cause, as with those who're partaking in the official event, however at least my liver will be benefitting from this extended sobriety. To be honest, I actually could drink if so desired as long … Continue reading Dry

Well Don’t Do It Then!

Over many years of undertaking the unofficial and unwanted role of St Garfield, the patron saint of hospital waiting rooms, I've learned it's possible to extract humour, melancholy and maybe a thought-provoking notion from even the darkest of situations. For instance, during my post cardiac-arrest hospital admission I was asked scores of medical questions - … Continue reading Well Don’t Do It Then!

X Marks The Spot

Sitting with a bowl of wasabi peas and a mandarin, carrot and ginger smoothie, I've one eye on my laptop and the other on a Sky Atlantic show called The Trip to Spain. This a series of six half hour shows in which British entertainers/writers Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon sample cuisine at some of … Continue reading X Marks The Spot