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Call The Calling Off Off

Today sees an early start for the deflowering of the chaste parchment afore me. My rising with the birds a consequence of a scheduled visit from a heating engineer, his remit to undertake an annual boiler service. Before proceeding, I’d like to point out that I’m aware the first sentence in the inaugural paragraph may seem an overly self-indulgent descriptive for population of blank paper with my capricious musings…… Actually, […]

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Shelves of Sanctuary

I recently watched a few earlier episodes of TV drama The Sopranos. A series that, despite it’s final episode being over ten years old, maintains a lofty perch on the Gary Strachan shelves of sanctuary. You may wonder what the heck the Gary Strachan shelves of sanctuary represent. As I’ve just making up the term, I certainly do!…… That being said, I’ll try to ‘wing it’ with an explanation of […]

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I feel the earth move under my feet I feel the sky tumbling down I feel my heart start trembling Whenever you’re around A poetic verse from the pen of American song/writer Carole King. A divulgent proclamation starting her 1971 hit named after the first pentad of the lyric. Lexilogical meanderings overtly expressing to her beau the positive affect of his presence. Unashamedly romantic prose unlikely to feature in TV […]

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Have You Heard About……?!

Friday 25th May – At the moment, any free time I have seems to involve responding to GDPR emails. The senders of these mandatory communications include social media giants like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the entities whose distribution lists I reside upon, along with utility service providers. Due to upcoming regulation changes, I’ve been inundated with requests to state my preferences into how my personal data is utilised. In one […]

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Tell It To The Birds

Thursday 24th May – Nesting within the ivy, Russian vine and clematis climbing my back garden fence are a family of blackbirds. As I’ve not seen a penny in rent for their residence on my land, I’m assuming my avian tenants have claimed squatters rights……. The cheeky gets! I’m assured by my wife Karen that our feathered lodgers are blackbirds – A claim she reinforces using the rationale “They’re black […]

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Jock Lock & One Smoking Farrell

Wednesday 23rd May – I rarely attempt to pen a monologue around an epiphany of a blog heading. Ordinarily, the narrative title is the final element to the literary piece – Added after the selection of website categories and tags. Today, though, following an idea for a blog heading based on the Guy Ritchie movie titled Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, I thought I’d attempt to take a break […]

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Going The Extra Mile

Tuesday 15th May – In the recent narrative Do I Cajole or Encourage? I wrote of my admiration for the runners of Sunday’s Leeds Half-Marathon. Thousands of amateurs who as part of their training regular pound local streets and dales in all weathers. Meteorology that includes foreboding grey skies, bringing with them a 70% chance of precipitation – An unwelcome consequence of slow moving nimbostratus clouds over the Vale of […]

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