A Day of Abstinence

Despite not being overly spiritual, it’ll be a Good Friday tea of cod and chips for tea tonight in the Strachan residence. Abstaining from red meat is a Christian tradition we uphold every year, on this day where millions worldwide acknowledge Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

My wife claims that her recipe, which was handed down by her mother along with a Colt 45 pistol, is family secret. Although, never mind the confidentiality of cooking directions for the cod, I’m more interested to have just learned she has a Colt 45!

If truth be told, I’m not convinced the fish meal has any secret ingredients. I’ve watched Karen prepare and fry the fish over many years and it just seems a pretty straightforward recipe of cod, breadcrumbs, with an egg to bind…… Unless, of course, dropping the cod on the kitchen floor after completing the cooking process is the hush-hush element.

This ‘secret’ recipe is just about the only thing her mum passed onto Karen. To my relief, the offer of bitterness, negativity, thoughtlessness, spite, lack of warmth and bunions were spurned by my wee spouse……… They thankfully remain festering somewhere inside an unwelcoming house in a north east town.

Apologies for my vitriolic comments above, especially on this religious day. I realise it shows no class and paints me in a poor light, but I believe my comments in the previous paragraph to be true (with the possible exception of the bunions).

Apart from my thoughts on the odd football team and the guy who invented vuvuzelas, I’m not a hateful man. As part of living under these circumstances, I sometimes just need to get stuff like that off my chest…… I’m glad I got that out of my system…… Moving on!………

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It’s now late morning on Good Friday 2017. My meagre contribution to the day so far has been to make and eat a breakfast of beans on toast and write the above.

You may deem that as not overly edifying, but if I was a Premiership footballer you’d be paying good money to find out boring crap like that on Sky Sports News!…….. Apologies for the mildly brisk word above, at this spiritual time.

When I finish penning this nonsense, I may wander out into the back garden and cut my lawn. Looking at it now through the bay window, it looks in need of a trim.

Although Karen reckons it rained overnight, so it might be too damp…… Blimey, I’m struggling for inspiration today. If you paid for this I’d probably give you your money back, which is more than you’d get from Sky Sports!

The last week or so I’ve found penning a daily blog a lot less fulfilling than normal. As I hurtle toward my 700th blog, I’m contemplating undertaking a different writing project to re-ignite my enthusiasm. What that will be I’m not sure.

Although I’ve self-published books of my blogs, I’d like to write a light hearted fictional book. A tome that was one story, not a series of diarised daily rambles.

In 2010, I wrote a dark humour fictional book about a charitable organisation that provided emotional support for people struggling to cope.

Despite having a job at the time, I completed the 360+ pages, around 750,000 words and 12 chapters in a few months. It has laid dormant on my computer hard drive and memory sticks since April 2010.

It would probably need heavily editing, but I may revisit that piece of work as my next writing project in a bid to rise from this current literary unfulfilment.

Well, my plan to cut the lawn has been scuppered as precipitation has just reared its ugly head in LS15.

Right I’m off to watch Sky Sports News. I need to find out what Chelsea’s Edin Hazard had for his breakfast; not to mention to check if Spurs’ Harry Kane is abstaining from red meat today.

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