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The Revamp

Tuesday 29th May – This morning, I’ve revamped the look and feel of my website – A fiddly task where customising the site to my aesthetic requirements isn’t ordinarily achieved without significant trial and error. I liken the process to that of attempting to ‘wind up’ my adult children. That a strategy of antagonising them until they ‘bite’ at my mischievous jibes. Like the process for procuring the website […]

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Who Locked Grandad In The Loo?

On this day in mid-1960’s Kirskstall, Leeds my younger brother Ian made his appearance into the world. Born at home, our kid arrived shortly after the conclusion of the second Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston fight. With Clay (latterly Muhammed Ali) winning by first round KO, Ian didn’t turn up on time to witness Liston being struck to the canvas by the Louisville Lip. Although I suspect, as a new-born […]

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Tuffy Hardcase & The Rhum Deal

Thursday 17th May – I’m sat writing this monologue at the salon of my mum’s hairdresser. My attendance here that of dutiful son patiently awaiting to drive his mater home post-haircut. Despite me being firmly entrenched in middle-age, mum feel moved to promise me a bag of M&S Peppa Pig candies if I’m a good boy while her locks are shorn. This barnet maintenance a Herculean monthly challenge laid down […]

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Filling In The Blanks

Friday 11th May – When I woke I’d not much planned for my day. Conspicuous by it’s presence, the white space from my old school paper diary forlornly stared back at me – It’s chaste pages bereft of itinerary. As it was, my morning was anything but empty. If it had been pre-planned in my diary, Friday’s loose leaf would have journalled my morning something like this:- 9am – Commence […]

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If The Cap Fits

Wednesday 9th May – Yesterday I received an unexpected comment in response to a picture I recently shared on Instagram. The photo in question containing three Strachan males (my son Jonny, brother Ian and me) donning flat caps on a recent visit to the memorial garden at Headingley cricket ground. Appearing like an amalgam of TV’s Peaky Blinders and Last of The Summer Wine characters, we’d adorned caps in tribute […]

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Saturday 21st April – Yesterday, a scattering of my dad’s ashes were mixed with the potting compost of two azaleas bought in his memory. A big fan of the shrubs that thrive in acidic soil, we thought it a fitting tribute for our late family head. My siblings and mother plan a similar homage to him in the coming weeks. We have also arranged to scatter of a small amount […]

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Mum, Have You Seen The Clearasil?

Good Friday 2018 – The diva daffodils that adorn my garden borders have finally made their fashionably late entrance. At last deciding to ‘go for it’ after losing patience waiting for this capricious weather to warm up long term. Yesterday, a wag on social media likened the current erratic weather behaviour to that of a volatile teenager storming in and out of the living room – Petulantly slamming doors and […]

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