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Where The Sun Don’t Shine!

This morning, as I loitered around the checkouts of a south Leeds supermarket with my collection tin during voluntary work, I got to see first hand the heavily reported panic buying of toilet rolls in the wake of coronavirus fears. Without a doubt, this global pandemic is an event which requires proportionate precautions to be undertaken, negating against the spread of a virus which is capable of taking human life. That […]

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Going Off….

To negate against my erratic attention span, which results in most of my books being bookmarked on page 17, or thereabouts, I’ve recently taken to enjoying literature via the medium of audiobook. Frank Skinner, Stephen Fry, PG Wodehouse, Bill Bryson and Danny Baker just a few of the writers whose prose’s accompanied my car sojourns around the avenues and highways of Yorkshire. I don’t know how they got in the […]

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Shed 7 – Everton 3

The scene played out at midnight on the periphery of Leeds city train station. To the backdrop of sparkling city square Christmas lights, a bearded middle aged man huddled in his Superdry wind cheater amongst a throng of almost a hundred fellow revellers. Like minded individuals who similarly sought refuge from the biting cold, along with transport home, in the shape of taxi carriage The Superdry coat achieving exactly what it […]

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1970’s Pop Procurement

The Alpine pop man – For decades an extinct species akin to the dodo, Spangles and an inspirational politician. Sadly, no longer cheering up the homo sapien fledgling young with his bottled soft beverages; drinks whose sugar content was so high just pouring it from the bottle started the process of tooth rot. His crates of kaleidoscope coloured pop turning him to a pied piper on each street where his […]

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Camel Coats & Emperors

I’ve been into Leeds city centre this morning, a wingman for my wife during her assignment to retrieve her newly altered camel coat. Admittedly not a scenario I envisage that’ll ever be incorporated into the screenplay of a Mission Impossible movie production. However, I’ll endeavour to make this yarn as interesting as a tale about re-tailored camel coats can be. I don’t know a great deal about the clothing business, other […]

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Kris’ Selfless Legacy

Ordinarily, I don’t watch breakfast TV magazine shows. Indifference to celebrity gossip, unashamed self publicity of guest’s new books and show biz ‘idols’ showing similar indifference in reporter Dan Wootton’s selfies, negating my desire to pay it much mind. This morning, though, I was glued to a segment of ITV’s Lorraine show, featuring a remarkably spirited and inspirational lady named Kris Hallenga. A girl who, following her diagnosed of secondary […]

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It’s Better Than Digging A Ditch

I vacuumed my car interior this afternoon. With the vehicle’s dark grey upholstery and vacuum cleaner nozzle ordinarily like ships that pass in the night, I’m unsure whether it was me or my trusty old Vauxhall Astra most surprised by this spontaneous act. “What’s the big deal, Strachan?!….. Removing dust and litter from the seats and floor wells is something I undertake every Sunday. A habitual task I partake after […]

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