Paean World

Exclamation mark overload of rookie penman

Grammar erratic, improvement thine goal

Critique from academic justified on curve tutorial

Veiled feedback pivotal for hirsute dreamer

Gratitude to academic, her evaluation requisite

Sets deluded man of hair, on terra firma anew

Still seeking amnesty from grammar police.


Words of academic, tuition, guidance

Adherence essential, dovetailing with mother language doyens.

Jack o’ all trades, yet mastering them requires yeti’s yakka

Literary employ still remains pipe dream

Piper long paid; now where art yeti’s recompense?

Hard yards done, reward conspicuous with absence

“One day!” his numerous personalities attempt to re-assure.


Are epiphanies worthy of guerdon?

Or are delusions unfurling from cranial corners?

How gauge thy work in portal prose?

Paean world a theme park, no sanctions of height or write

Quality measurements an unknown quantity

Quantity measures correctly usurped by quality

Literary yield immaterial, calibre decrees sonnet significance.

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