Holding Back The Waves

Mercifully, this morning I feel in significantly better health than yesterday when I turned in at 8.30pm. A time when loosening catarrh caused my nose to stream so extravagantly I was in need of the nasal equivalent of the Hoover Dam. Sadly, as there's no such this as the nasal version of the Hoover Dam, … Continue reading Holding Back The Waves


Fait accompli - A situation already preordained, leaving disconcerted victims to 'Like it or lump it' - Incidents relating to several scenarios, including a loved ones poor health, a job loss or a relationship split. Ordinarily a poorly received life event that by it's very nature is often irreversible. Lack of control over these events … Continue reading Deserved?!

Fool On The Hill

As I've written some pretty joyless stuff this week I intend attempting to inject some humour into today's offering. Although being currently bereft of a topic, start, middle and end, as yet I'm unsure in what way that whimsy will manifest itself. I'm determined, though, to redeem myself for prose that in the last few … Continue reading Fool On The Hill

A Futile Rant

This morning, I was greeted at the breakfast table by the news my wife Karen was feeling under the weather. This malady another example of her bad days where her odious carcinogenic illness gains an upper hand; causing her return to bed for recuperation. Her energy drained as a consequence of her enduring physical battle … Continue reading A Futile Rant

String Vesti La Giubba

"I could tell my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio." A trademark self-deprecating one-liner from late wall-eyed US comedian Rodney Dangerfield. Just one of a barrage of quips in his quick-fire standup act, interspersed with the woe-is-me catchphrase "I don't get no respect!" Although he was only joking onstage … Continue reading String Vesti La Giubba

The Lady Is A Champ

The first birthday without her beloved husband. Yet another milestone to endure; one more hurdle to be leapt as part of the lady's grieving process. After 57 years marriage, prior to being widowed in October 2017, my mother's anniversary of birth today will no doubt present her with a very different experience than normal. For … Continue reading The Lady Is A Champ

Ken Barlow’s Jacket

Looking through my mum's dining room windows outside an uncharacteristic, almost dream like, serenity plays out in front of me. Bereft of breeze and the usual noise from nearby house builders and coyote howl, it appears life in East Ardsley has been placed on pause. This scene instilling thoughts I've stepped into an art house … Continue reading Ken Barlow’s Jacket