May Blogs – 2019

Saying It With Song

Hermann’s Psycho Symphony

Preaching To The Choir

No, Just No!!

Where Are You?

Gin & Bear It

His Name Is Rio

Making Things Unnecessarily Difficult

Biting The Bullet

The Choir Invisible Risible?!


Shine On Keith Moon

I’ll ‘Ave ‘Alf

Punishment To Fit The Crime

The Wall That Mally Built

It’s Good To Talk

His Bite Is Worse Than His Bark

Till Death Us Do Part

A Rite of Passage

Literary Landmark

A Choir Acquire

Avoiding The Eurovision Express

Self-Sufficiency in the Suburbs

Don’t Put The Blame On Me!!

One Out, All Out!!

The Self-Proclaimed Bard of Bardsey



Mischievousness Mutterings

Still Standing

Job Vacancy

Camera, Lights…… Action!!