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What Gives Aura & Aurai?

Patio heater; August eve

What gives Aura and Aurai?

Is the holidaying in Ibiza ad infinitum?

Returning on wings of Ryan imminent?

Dissenters tired of sustaining your cat,

Watering begonias evermore my remit?


When will I see you again enquired trio degrees

Addendum when will we share moments special

Is amour agenda or merely friends objective?

Start or end of relationship confused?

You might retain the warmth

Though offspring acquisition art mine.


What’s the problem Aura?

Mine romance insufficient?

I not always don Scooby Doo outfit on date

Secret Squirrel an option if coveted by thee

Scooby snack points, Weightwatchers nemesis

Memorable night procuration. Bereft of meddling kids.



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