Wand’rin’ Star

Summer 1976 - Recollected by many for wall to wall sunshine in the UK, the Montreal Olympic Games, Jimmy Carter/Gerald Ford's nominations in the US presidential election and the end of the Cod War between the UK and Iceland. For me, though, I recall it as an era my existence took an unwelcome path for … Continue reading Wand’rin’ Star

Begging to Differ

According to a local weather forecaster, today is the last day for a while where Yorkshire will experience unusually warm, windless meteorological conditions. So today is the literal calm before the storm; prior to our long-standing warm spell being displaced by rain, strong breezes and climatic instability. To be honest, I was quite relieved to … Continue reading Begging to Differ

Guess Who Sighs His Lullabies

In his 1965 refrain Summer Wind, Frank Sinatra sang of a seemingly season long breeze which blew in from the sea - Presumably, the Pacific Ocean on the US's west coast. These gentle gusts a welcome cooling accompaniment to beach walks with his sweetheart. As you'd expect from Francis Albert, it's a lament delivered with … Continue reading Guess Who Sighs His Lullabies

What Gives Aura & Aurai?

Patio heater; August eve What gives Aura and Aurai? Is the holidaying in Ibiza ad infinitum? Returning on wings of Ryan imminent? Dissenters tired of sustaining your cat, Watering begonias evermore my remit?   When will I see you again enquired trio degrees Addendum when will we share moments special Is amour agenda or merely … Continue reading What Gives Aura & Aurai?

Where There’s A Will

Chiminea ignited; summertime meteorology remains clandestine Conspiring with already migrated birds; Blighty blighted Sabbatical prior to indulgence of prodigal son, hemisphere south Kill the fatted calf for sub equator folk Hopefully father can elucidate on northern warmth disparity.   August chill ignites yeti’s comfort seeking Less clear is need for his attention seeking Chiminea joins in … Continue reading Where There’s A Will