My Second Home

Chamber of lingering, institution of inflicted

Seemingly endless tenancy o’er seven summers; brood support plural

Carer career abiding; careering confidence consequential

Caricature spent emotionally; parking fees spent frequently

Oppressive chamber calefaction; procrastinating in dept Radiation

Unfaltering resource dedication; vocational tools medication.


Jimmy’s, affectionate moniker for institute of St James

Minions of Zebedee’s son challenged when “Time for bed”

Few ward vacancies irrespective of reciting “Boing”

Roundabout the only domain that magic appears to succeed

Impatient patients; unforgiving at l’escargot pace moments

Brian dans Anglais, Ambrose in French not culprits.


Wing of Beckett, medical domicile of those in dotage

Bexley Wing, oncological state of the art, gallery of art

Thackray, museum with osseins homo sapien

T-Rex skeletal displays found where streets are paved with gold

Other Wings contemporary, unlike chapel structure listed

My second home, my unwanted home; on plus side there’s no rent.

second home

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