Thank You Very Much

This morning I accompanied Karen to an oncologist appointment for the results of her recent CT Scan. Occasions like this are always tense times; the seemingly endless build up to acquire news of how her multiple tumours are behaving. Unlike reality show contestants awaiting results, our news is important - Literally a matter of life … Continue reading Thank You Very Much

A Dark Anniversary

This week sees the eighth anniversary of a life changing event that shook my family to it's core. A time my brood and I were ushered, or more accurately dragged kicking and screaming, onto an unwanted emotional rollercoaster sojourn. A ride with no height restrictions, or indeed any other discriminatory parameters, allowing for non-participation. My … Continue reading A Dark Anniversary

Kris’ Selfless Legacy

Ordinarily, I don't watch breakfast TV magazine shows. Indifference to celebrity gossip, unashamed self publicity of guest's new books and show biz 'idols' showing similar indifference in reporter Dan Wootton's selfies, negating my desire to pay it much mind. This morning, though, I was glued to a segment of ITV's Lorraine show, featuring a remarkably … Continue reading Kris’ Selfless Legacy

One Year

One year then, dad!...... One year since we lost you....... One year since we last witnessed that warm smile...... One year without your words of wisdom....... One year robbed of that calming persona that underpinned the family dynamic. One year which has no doubt seen profits at the Connie Club and the bookie's on Bradford … Continue reading One Year

The King & I

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of my dad's passing. Twelve months during which I learned for the first time in my half century on this screwed up planet what loss truly meant. A valuable lesson formed from emotions resultant at never again being able to share the company of a dearly loved family member. This … Continue reading The King & I

Do You Like Hospital Food?!

The four-weekly visit for her oncology treatment is once again upon my wee missus. A scheduled sojourn that appears to come around faster ever month. Incidentally, that isn't a complaint. The diminutive County Durham lass and her clan are grateful for every goddamn second at these visits, as it means her tenacious fight continues. The … Continue reading Do You Like Hospital Food?!

Coffee Morning Munificence

Yesterday saw many thousands of people in the UK facilitating or attending World's Greatest Coffee Morning fundraising events in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support. As part of this campaign, my lunchtime was spent undertaking a bucket collection at the Marks & Spencer (M&S) store on Briggate, in Leeds..... To clarify, when I wrote 'bucket collection' … Continue reading Coffee Morning Munificence