Cack Handed Poeme d’amour

Beauty unequivocal; enchantress categorical

Heavenly being; unsure if Cherubim or Seraphim.

Not that it matters; detracts not from thy vision

Celestial being, lassie classy

Funny, forthright and sassy.


Not heaven sent or stork bequeathed

But thine beauty more than epidermis deep

Complete package, requiring first class treatment

Priority delivery; no signature required

Warming heart of caricature.


Not of maintenance high, or spirits low

Nor maintenance neglected, spirits wavering

Unmitigated joy your legacy

Spirit level not level, spirits higher

Leeds Utd once nearly signed Kieron Dyer.


Middle-age taints caricature’s decision making

Taunts him courtesy of spiteful demons

Only when fog lifts he witnesses corporeality

Blue sky’s his destiny?

Does anyone know where yo can buy quality cheesecloth?

poeme d'amour

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