Call The Calling Off Off

Today sees an early start for the deflowering of the chaste parchment afore me. My rising with the birds a consequence of a scheduled visit from a heating engineer, his remit to undertake an annual boiler service. Before proceeding, I'd like to point out that I'm aware the first sentence in the inaugural paragraph may … Continue reading Call The Calling Off Off

Jock Lock & One Smoking Farrell

Wednesday 23rd May - I rarely attempt to pen a monologue around an epiphany of a blog heading. Ordinarily, the narrative title is the final element to the literary piece - Added after the selection of website categories and tags. Today, though, following an idea for a blog heading based on the Guy Ritchie movie … Continue reading Jock Lock & One Smoking Farrell

Gordon Bennett;….. It’s Alan Bennett!

Unless you're a snowman, a young child who likes sledging/throwing snowballs or own a grit salt production company, I presume you opine this current weather to be a putrid carbuncle on the UK's façade. Before proceeding, I acknowledge my opening paragraph describing Blighty's present meteorology was over-egging the melodrama, however I didn't want to just … Continue reading Gordon Bennett;….. It’s Alan Bennett!

The BEST Laid Plans

This week I commenced re-writing a tome I originally penned in spring 2010. Having read the opening chapter for the first time in years, it was clear if this work was ever going to get past the dust gathering stage these 360+ pages would have to be extensively re-vamped. Despite containing light-hearted, moving and poignant ideas, it was apparent to me the … Continue reading The BEST Laid Plans

Unreliable Aides Memoire

It's 09.28 on Friday 3rd November. Sitting at the dining room table of my East Leeds domicile, I'm snacking on the remnants of Haribo gummy sweets from Halloween, washed down by chilled West Yorkshire tap water. On the red armchair to my right, lolling unceremoniously adjacent to a cream cushion emblazoned with words 'happiness', is my laptop … Continue reading Unreliable Aides Memoire

Seeking the Spark

On occasion the hardest thing I find when penning a blog is selecting a narrative subject. That short period of time when I tenaciously seek a topic which'll elicit between 500 – 700 of prose onto the blank page in front of me. Seeing I was creatively barren this morning, my wife Karen suggested I write about existentialised nimbolic … Continue reading Seeking the Spark

Mission Improbable

It's 1553 hour on Sunday 15th October as I commence this chronicle de ma journee. The delay in the penning of these cursory lexilogical meanderings not through procrastination on my part, moreover indulging in higher priority horticultural maintenance for mater. Your mission (the reader), should you wish to accept it, is to read the following … Continue reading Mission Improbable