Climbing the Ladder

As I begin today’s composition, I’m accompanied by the background sound of an Easter Day service on the TV .

I’ve by no stretch of the imagination been a regular church goer in adulthood. However, in my childhood I did attend church with the rest of my family, apart from my dad.

Despite him having no strong spiritual beliefs, ironically my dad lives his life with an ideology of decency as advocated by the scriptures. I don’t recall him ever uttering a disparaging word about anyone (apart from late TV presenter Hughie Green), using overly brisk language, encourage negativity or harming anyone in anyway.

His presence underpinned the family synergy with security, stability, love, warmth, a roof over our heads and (through his job) cheap meat for our sustenance……. No he wasn’t a shoplifter!

Of course, like everyone apart from the continuity bloke on TV’s Big Brother, he isn’t perfect.

However, I don’t recall during Sunday School (as a kid) the commandments including:- ‘Though shalt not have a occasional £2.50 Lucky 15 bet on the horses at East Ardsley bookies’, or ‘Thou shalt not have a pint in the Connie club with thouest spouse on a Sunday lunchtime……. But if thy do, get me a pint of Theakstons.’

He is also a proponent of a nightly glass of merlot. Although, again that isn’t deemed as sinful in the ‘Good Book’. How could it be, after all in one miracle, Jesus turned water in to wine; an act my dad is envious he’s unable to replicate……. He consoles himself though with the knowledge that, unlike Jesus, he managed to get triple points on his Tescos Reward Card from his purchase of his vino.

If I was being pedantic about flaws, my old man could be classed as exhibiting OCD behaviour if he lends you anything. He certainly doesn’t countenance the holding onto his possessions for any length of time.

Thank god (or whoever he believes in) he was not a librarian, otherwise if you hadn’t read the book by the end of the day a hefty fine would no doubt have kicked in.

That wouldn’t necessarily be a problem for a speed reader like that lass out of Beauty & The Beast, or the trombonist Ed Wellington, but would have been a major inconvenience for the book reading masses of West Yorkshire.

A perfect example of my pater’s OCD was a recent request for the return of his ladders, which I’d recently borrowed from the octogenarian Yorkshireman.

Image result for climbing ladder easter

This request was made in the middle of his six weeks radiotherapy treatment, leading me to surmise Mally had no immediate need for them.

As he could hardly walk at the time, I don’t envisage he was going to be washing his upstairs windows or clearing leaves from his guttering. Although the stubborn so and so would have probably tried if I’d have returned the ladders!

Although you’re unlikely to catch my old man in church heartily singing ‘Love Divine, All Love Excelling’ (or indeed any other hymn), I can guarantee, if you met him, he would exhibit a deity akin to those who regularly populate the kerk pews…… Unless you keep his ladders, cd’s and chairs for too long, when all bets are off!

Despite a tough six years for my family which has severely tested my faith, I remain a Christian with a respect for the church and its teachings. From memory, there are many good advocacies in the Bible. Enlightenments with positive messages that teach decent behavioural traits. I don’t pretend I adhere to them all of the time, but I’d like to think I can occasionally display good characteristics.

If this sounds like a sermon, it isn’t meant to be. I hold neither the ecclesiastical knowledge, nor the consistency of good behavioural traits to preach to anyone.

These are merely my high level thoughts on religion on this Holy day. In particular my opinion that a good Christian proves it by his actions, not words.

I know many church-goers, like my and my parent’s neighbours who are lovely people, who embrace and act upon the Sunday teachings bestowed on them…. I have more of an issue with those who chose to attend kerk but ignore the teachings as soon as they’ve exited the door.

Right, I need to get going to prepare our roast dinner.

Happy Easter!…….. Incidentally, does anyone want to buy a set of ladders?

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