Breckenbeds Fields Forever?

Earlier today I published a narrative bequeathing it's discerning reader unreliable anecdotes from my junior high schooldays. These notions manifesting from the depths of my capricious mind; embellished by fictional addendums sourced from a neurological chamber with a door titled 'Random'. Breckenbeds Junior High on Saltwell Road in south Gateshead the subject of that ramble. … Continue reading Breckenbeds Fields Forever?

The Perils of ‘Stone’ Skimming

Like many individuals, I learned many useful lessons during my fledgling years. For instance, acquiring the knowledge that possessing a double-jointed ring finger is unlikely to lead you on a meaningful career path. Another being the need to be discerning when choosing projectiles to use for skimming on water. The latter wisdom acquired on a … Continue reading The Perils of ‘Stone’ Skimming

Going Back Without The Delorean

Saturday 9th June - Yesterday, during a shopping sojourn in town avec ma femme, we took a spontaneous pit stop for liquid refreshment at the Alchemist bar. From it's lofty perch located on the upper floor of the Trinity shopping centre, this agreeable eatery/cocktail bar bequeaths striking views of Boar Lane's splendid Georgian architecture. Aesthetics … Continue reading Going Back Without The Delorean

The Wrong ‘Un

One of the pages within my website menu is Cricketing Yarns.  A literary portal containing a series of partly fictional and unreliable tales from my club cricketing career. Although now retired, I played club cricket in Gateshead, Buckinghamshire and Leeds for over 30 years. An odyssey that started when one of my neighbours (Brian Dixon) … Continue reading The Wrong ‘Un

Tweeting 1970’s Style

Wednesday 2nd May - Yesterday afternoon was spent undertaking garden maintenance at casa Strachan senior. This involved a few hours hard graft manicuring lawns, along with pampering soil borders with a much needed weed/hoeing treatment. Consequently, at around 5pm thanks to assistance from lawnmower, grass clippers, a hoe and my family's horticultural secret (passed down … Continue reading Tweeting 1970’s Style

You’ll Thank Me One Day!

"Your/their hair need a right good cut!" An adage frequently delivered in my mother's rich Yorkshire dialect since my 1970's childhood. Mater's way of opining that as a consequence of neglectful grooming the individual she refers to looked a"Right scruffy bleeder."...... Whether it be a messy mullet, unkempt curtain hair, poorly groomed bouffant or a … Continue reading You’ll Thank Me One Day!

Opus To My Youngest Offspring

A quarter of a century ago today my second and youngest offspring made her surprise appearance in a Bedfordshire hospital. To clarify, when I say surprise I'm referring to the fact my daughter Rachel was born a week early - Not that my wife Karen hadn't realised she was pregnant. I can relay that observation … Continue reading Opus To My Youngest Offspring