Legacy of the Loathsome

Despairing soul unhidden by eyes azure

Anchor of one score years and ten exacerbates

Ungrateful product of family fatuous

Dowry from dimwits, legacy of the loathsome.


Yeti drained of emotion, spiritually spent

Will recompense for anni horribilis ever manifest?

Half existence sacrifice an act of unreconciled folly?

Avenues of joy anchor obstructed, duration decades


Townsend penned of joyless man, iris cobalt

Though ostracised for barren conscience

His dreams remained plentiful

Yeti melodramatically comparison makes.


Existential emptiness, joy bereft in his heart

Turgid sojourn not gripe; accepts scenario as is

Unappreciative anchor the wishbone in windpipe

Unsupported throughout opines the misguided marionette.



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